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Wedding, Malang, East Java, Indonesia
The next day brought me an unforgettable experience. In the evening I accidentally saw an Indonesian wedding party going on close to Michael's house. Of course I had to peek! Some tele shots of the party would be nice for my picture collection. But within seconds somebody had spotted me and forced me to join the party. Resistance was futile. I was brought up to the couple where I had to give my compliments (...fortunalety one of my "caretakers" had provided me with a proper wish phrase). Then the couple posed for me. No kidding!To clarify this: I did not ask for pictures - they asked me to take some!
It was greeat ... but a little bit embarrissing, too. Everybody was wearing festive day clothes (see the pics!). Except for me with my rather sweat soaked shirt and cheap backpacker trousers. Slightly underdressed. Haha. But everybody was very friendly and the meal was delicious! The order of events was totally different from any wedding party I had attended in the past and ever since. The fabulous looking couple and their parents stood in a decorated room receiving the compliments of their guests. For three hours! People would congratulate and then head directly for the  sideboard.  When the congrats marathon was over all the guests had left (exept me and a handful of others). Then the family had dinner and did some popular dancing afterwards. It was wonderful, so genuine. Real life. Not like one these typical tourist events.
mypictures4u says:
Yes, it was wonderful :)
Posted on: Jun 25, 2009
nanie05 says:
You are so lucky to have experienced the real thing! Its a beautiful ceremony isn't it?
Posted on: Jun 25, 2009
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Wedding, Malang, East Java, Indone…
Wedding, Malang, East Java, Indon…
Wedding guests, Java, Indonesia
Wedding guests, Java, Indonesia
Wedding, Malang, Java
Wedding, Malang, Java
photo by: mmeymey