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Although we loved our hotel room we decided not to stay but to go back to Java - since we did not know how long it would take us to visit all the other places of interests we had marked on our map. I remember the bus drive to the western coast pretty good. The reason is that, like in some other buses we took, I wasn't able to sit down on one the benches. Sounds weird? Well, my thigh was simply too long, I couldn't sit down. The only seat that provided enough space for me was the seat in the middle of the rear bench. The road partly was so bad that we were jumping up and down on our seats. At least two times I knocked my head at the ceiling! But somehow we reached the harbor in gilimanuk without any serious injuries. ;-)
Taking the rusty ferry back to Java was kinda adventurous again. A trader tried to sell bags during the crossing. I did not intend to buy something but his performance (he presented the bags as a kind of "universal household weapon") was great - so we finally got one to give him credit.

Just two or three minutes after we had arrived in Ketapang an Indonesian guy approached us and asked wehther we were looking for resonable proced accommodation. Yes! But the hotel he showed us did not please us. If I remember it correctly this was the only time during our trip we decided against a certain hotel. But our guide was the creative typ. "Would a private place be ok for you, too?" he asked in a mixture of bad English and Bahasa Indonesia. Yes, why not. So he took us to a little shop down the main road and talked to the female owner. She would then take us to the backyard and lead us into a small room on the first floor. It contained two things: 1) a bed 2) a plastic christmas tree! :-D The price for ine night was about 2 €/3 $. Later that night we found out that there were two drawbacks, though. First: If I would name a "top 10" of the most inconvenient beds I ever slept in this particular won would easily compete for first place. The matrace was practically non-existant. It was just a blanket attached to a plank! Sounds bad? Wait for the second point. I woke up in the early morning because my arm was itching. What the heck...? When I opened my eyes I realized that a regiment of local ants had declared my body being a part of their main road. How cute - argh! I closed that road immediately At least they didn't had crawled across Katrin.

Back to the afternoon. We didn't look for a restaurant but ate at our host's shop. Contrary to the quality of the bed the dinner was quite ok. Later we strolled along the road. When we were walking along the harbor area a car stopped in front of us. We hardly believed our eyes.: it was Michael with his family :-D Unfortunately they didn't have much time since they wanted to go back to Malang as fast as possible. So we just talked for some minutes. Then they left. It was so funny. We were in a great mood. Well, we didn't know about the bed at this  point of time...

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photo by: IndoMaluku