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Sunrise Mt. Bromo, Java
A short night. We got up at 3:30 AM *shudder* to reach the crater in time for the sunrise. A ramp close to our hotel led down into the Caldera. Our rented pocket lamps came in handy since the sky above us was pitch dark. Also it turned out that bringing some warm clothes had been a wise decison! During our walk across the „Sand Sea“ caldera (Pasir Laut)) it was quite cool. We lost track once or twice in the darkness but finally reached the crater without any major problems.

Close to the crater there is a Hindu temple. We actually noted this not until the sunset, though. Steps lead up to the crater rib. Whereas we had been practically alone during our walk other tourists showed up at the crater. Some had been brought here by car, others had chosen horses. The sunrise was grlorious, a breathtaking experience.
Mount Bromo, Java, Indonesia
I would call this a must-go and definitely go there again. Weather was perfect and Bromo was belching out constantly during our visit. This reminded us of the fact that Mt. Bromo is still active. Three years later in 2004 two tourists were killed by rocks spit out by the volcano!
Most of the tourists just stayed for the sunrise. Just a handful - like us - tried the bumpy meter-wide path along the crater rim. It isn't really risky, but I was thankful that I am mostly free from giddiness.

We stayed two hours. Then walked all the way back up to the crater rim. There we walked around some more hours and enjoyed the fantastic landscape. In the afternoon we drove back to Probolinngo. We had asked our "trusty" driver to pick us up at the hotel (Like the day before, a co-driver was with him in the car.
Crater temple, Mt. Bromo, Java, Indonesia
I forgot to mention that). My impression was that downhill our average speed was, if possible, 30 km/h higher. At a certain point on a curvy part of the route our driver suddenly grabbed the cap of his co-driver and threw it outside the window - then he shook with laughter! I wasn't shook, rather shocked, because we were going at a breakneck speed. And Ayrton Senna took his hands of the steering wheel to make fun of his co-driver...

It was even more miraculously than the day before that we reached our destination, Probolinggo Main station, without any harm. We bought a first-class ticket to Yogyakarta and got on the train.

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Sunrise Mt. Bromo, Java
Sunrise Mt. Bromo, Java
Mount Bromo, Java, Indonesia
Mount Bromo, Java, Indonesia
Crater temple, Mt. Bromo, Java, In…
Crater temple, Mt. Bromo, Java, I…
photo by: Ils1976