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Pool at our second hotel in Kuta, Bali, Indonesia
The next two days Katrin and I explored Kuta. Bali is totally different from Java. The main reason is that more than 90 percent of the inhabitants practice the Balinese Hindu religion (contrary to a similar majority of Moslems everywhere else in Indonesia). Bali therefore is also being called the "island of thousand temples". I bought a sarong to make sure I would be properly dressed. Hem, dressed.... That is a rather  unpleasant topic I will return to below.

Kuta however is another story. It is one of the most touristical places I have ever seen. With all its advantages and disadvantages. Crowded, loud, frantic. There are hundreds of hotels, restaurants, designer shops, internet cafés etc.
Sacrifice, Bali, Indonesia
And of course there is a "Hard Rock Café"! Kuta also is an "Australian outpost". It is the favourite holiday destination of many Aussies. Amazingly enough some of the locals don't let themselves getting worked up. I once spotted a young woman who held her private oblation ceremony in front of her shop while hords of tourists were running around.

The tourists... I was quite annoyed because of the lack of respect some of them showed. Going to Bali and walking into a supermarket wearing nothing but bathing trunks is unacceptable IMHO. I confess that I dropped some bricks during my travels, too. Because of my lack of cultural knowledge. Which is no excuse. I am not a moralizer but some things should be obvious. On our second day there I rubbed my eyes in disbelief when I spotted this young woman, dressed only with a touch of fabric that would hardly have covered my hand, who presented her enourmous cleavage at a shop.

After three days we moved to another (cheaper) hotel which was located only 200 meters away from our first acommodation. It was simple - but clean. And it had a pool, too. We paid 10 Euro per night. This was the most "expensive" place (excluding "Hotel Natour") we stayed at during our trip! :-D
marloesetman says:
Thanks for all your tips! Now, by watching your blog and reading the stories, I can't wait to book a plain and go there as soon as possible! :)
Posted on: Jul 07, 2008
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Pool at our second hotel in Kuta, …
Pool at our second hotel in Kuta,…
Sacrifice, Bali, Indonesia
Sacrifice, Bali, Indonesia
Oblation, Bali, Indonesia
Oblation, Bali, Indonesia
photo by: eddie8498