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My friend Lydie from Paris fixing her dress

THis past weekend it was O-time, or for you non-Irish Dancers out there: time for the European Oireachtas 2008. An Oireachtas is a qualifier competition for the World Championships Irish Dancing held by An Commisiun le rince Gealacha (the largest ID organisation around the world). The world is devided in various regions and this past weekend it was O-time for Europe combined with a regular feis (ID competition)

The whole thing took place in Zoetermeer near The Hague, a home game for me. I didn't dance the Qualifiers, since I am simply not good enough yet. Various dancers from my school (Redmond School of Irish Dance) did dance the Championships that were combined with the Qualifiers. One boy danced both Championship and Qualifier, since he is already a World Medal holder and is the only one interested in going.

Some of my dance buddies: Dominike, Geoffrey and Caroline:maker of very nice dresses.
Last edition of the Worlds he got 10th out of 30! Next year the Worlds are in Philly, USA and that's why a lot of dancers just did the Championships.

I danced the regular feis and it felt really good. Only one placement: I got 4th in my primary Hornpipe, for once I didn't screw it, haha. The rest of my dances I got screwed by the judge: she obviously didn't like me, plus she was drunk! There was a booze smell around her, she couldn't read the numbers and she looked like she was about to fall from her chair. Nice!

But this competition made me realise how much I loved dancing and how much I love my wonderfull friends I met through dancing: I spend the whole Saturday hugging and kissing and catching up with everyone. I love you all!


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My friend Lydie from Paris fixing …
My friend Lydie from Paris fixing…
Some of my dance buddies: Dominike…
Some of my dance buddies: Dominik…
Me and Caroline
Me and Caroline
photo by: dieforu