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Me, waiting for the bus

In september 2008 i've been to Norway and Danmark with my boyfriend, this is our story....

Sunday 07/09/08, 20.00 hours

Last night at 23.15 hours we've departed with the bus from Amsterdam to Copenhagen. It was a very long trip, we arrived the next day at 12.30 hours in Copenhagen. First impression; big and crowdy city, lots and lots of policemen ( Almost had an accident because the police drove threw the red light). The hostel were we are staying this night is not far away from the station, it's called Danhostel. When we've checked in and dumped our bags, we've explored Kopenhagen. Of course we've been to Tivolli, but because you've to pay the entrance and for each attraction, we didn't stay long here. For dinner we have eaten at the McDonalds, very healthy ;-)

The day is comming to an end and we are going to bed.

Oslo by Night
  Tomorrow's going to be a long day, we're going with the train to Oslo.

Monday 08/09/08, 09.45 hours

This morning we've to get up early for our trip to Norway. This time with the train, wich is more comfortable than the bus. In a few hours we're in Goteborg, Sweden were we have to get on a other train. We reserved our places months ago on the internet. We only have an confirm email, so we were a little bit stressed out because we have to catch that train. We didn't know if we have to change it for a ticket or something like that, but the printted email was good enough for travel. Finally we get on the right train, after a few hours the landscape began to change.

We're in Norway!!! Arrived at the trainstation of Oslo we first bought some stamps and a tasty sandwich. We've also been to the castle of Oslo and we've eaten at Peppe's Pizza. This night we're staying in an hotel in the citycenter of Oslo.  

Tuesday 09/09/08

Today we have ride the most beautiful track so far. This morning we went from Oslo to Myrdal, this was a ride of 5 hours. After an hour the landscape began to change, very high mountains, mountains with snow and mountains with waterfalls. In Myrdal we take the Flamsbana to the very small town Flam. The train begins at the top of the mountains all the way down to Flam,  the view was very spectaculair.

Bergen, seen from the Montana hostel
At the kjosfossen waterfall we have a 5 minute break to shoot some nice pictures. Luckely there was a kind of restaurant in Flam were we can eat, they even have some vegetarian meals!!! We were staying in an hostel this night, were we even met some Dutch people.

Wednesday 10/09/08

Today we climbed a mountain in Flam. We didn't go all the way to the top. It was way to heavy but we have walked to a nice waterfall. The way down goes a lot faster, but we have to watch our steps and don't fall al the way down. Back in Flam we have some time left for a sandwich and a drink. Then it's time to move on to the next place, witch is Bergen. It takes just 3 hours with the train.  

Thursday 11/09/08 09.00 hours

Finally a place where we're more than 1 day, we staying 2 days in Bergen.

The boat who takes us to Denmark
First we take the Floibanen to the view point, we didn't take the Floibanen the way back, but we've walked it. We've also been to Bryggen, a couple of very old wooden houses

Friday 12/09/08 12.30 hours

Today is our last day in Norway. We're waiting for the boat who takes us to Denmark. We're departing at 14.00 hours and if  everything goes right we are in Denmark tomorrow morning, where we're staying for a week on a campsite.

Saturday 13/09/08 

The boat trip was not very comfortable and i was really sick. For the night we've reserved 2 sleepingchairs, but we ended on a couch. A few hours later we woke up, and after an hour and a half, at 9.00 o'clock we arrived in Hanstholm, Denmark. Finnaly we have land under our feets again, never been so happy in my life!!

We have to travel a couple of hours to get at the campsite in Skjern, but that was not that bad after the 14 hours on that terrible boat.

Here we stayed for a week
We're staying in a very small town, on a very small campsite, in a very small house . But we have a bed to sleep in and something to make our food, what else does a human need??

Sunday 14/09/08

This morning we didn't have to get up early. After breakfast we went for a little walk, we arrived at a very big grassland with cows, lots and lots of cows. The rest of the day we've been cycling on our rented bikes.

Tuesday 16/09/08 13.15 hours

After a few days doing nothing, we decided to visit a couple places. First we've been to the small vikingtown Ribe, from there we've taken the train to Esbjerg, and from Esbjerg we've taken the Ferry to Fano. Because we want to eat something in Esbjerg, we missed our train back to the campsite.

The Himmlerberg
So we have to wait for two hours for the next train.

Friday 19/09/08 20.00 hours

Yesterday we've been to a place ( don't know the name anymore) nearby the Himmlerberg. After a walk of 7 km I thought we've already reached the top of the mountain, but we were not even close to the top. The way down was a lot easyer, and we could take the boat to a place called Silkeborg. There we eat a nice pizza in a restaurant, and again........ we missed our train:-(  So we've to wait another 1 1/2 hours before we can get back home.

Tomorrow we have to get up very early and get back to Copenhagen, so we have cleanded up everything today.



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ilysa says:
thank you for this blog, gave me ideas of what will i do there when i visit there someday :)
Posted on: Jun 25, 2009
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Me, waiting for the bus
Me, waiting for the bus
Oslo by Night
Oslo by Night
Bergen, seen from the Montana host…
Bergen, seen from the Montana hos…
The boat who takes us to Denmark
The boat who takes us to Denmark
Here we stayed for a week
Here we stayed for a week
The Himmlerberg
The Himmlerberg
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