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Looking out the window of the airplane I started seeing this beautiful virtually untouched land with a slight covering of snow and imediately started to smile. Snow has always put a smile on my face as it reminds me of the times we used to get about a foot of snow in England when I was a kid and we used to have so much fun. We landed at Vantra airport at about 3:30pm and got transfered onto a bus to be transfered to the airport terminals. It seemed to take an age to get there but I was lucky and had got a seat. I left the terminal and got on the Finair bus. I know it's not the cheapest but for an extra Euro you can't beat the convenience. You just look for this big blue bus and it takes you directly into the centre of Helsinki without you having to worry about finding the right bus and hopefully not ended up the other side of Findland, which would probably happen if I tried it!

I got into Helsinki at about 4:20pm but unfortunately virtually all the tourist sights close at 4pm so I had a quick wander around to get my bearings and to aclimatise to the temperature. Helsinki is quite pedestrian friendly although you do have to be careful at some junctions as although the green man is on saying it is safe to cross the road, cars still do turn around the corner, oh and watch out for cyclists as they have their own lane on the pavement. After about an hour or so of walking I decided to walk to the hotel which was near the market place. It was quite nice and relaxing walking around as although it is a city centre, it does feel very safe.

I got to the Grand Marina hotel and checked in. The room was quite small but it wasn't claustrophobic. I turned on the tv to see what shows Finland had and was very surprised to see a lot of English tv programs on. I went for a quick drink at the bar and decided to have an early night as I had to get up early to catch the flight and there would be a lot of walking tomorrow.

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