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After missing my flight from NY to LA due to a flight time change, i thought I would be sensible and check the time of my flight to Fiji tomorrow.  Well, from what the internet would tell me, my flight didn't exist.  After a very confusing phone call to Air Pacific, they passed me over to Quantas who told me that the flight had moved back 3 days to Friday but they had no e-mail address to contact me on.  This annoyed me as I had called the company I bought the ticket from the day before I left to make sure they had my contact details.  I spent the rest of the morning trying to sort out my accommmodation plans - the hostel in Honolulu were not sure they had room for me for 3 more nights, and I tried every phone box in the city trying to get through to the hostel in Fiji to cancel the first 3 nights!  I also had a hang-over which really didn't help matters.  I spent the afternoon on the beach trying not to panic, but it was the first time since leaving home that I started to feel a little apprehensive about this trip.  Luckily my day was saved by a guy from Reading (my home town!) called Andy.  He haed just come from New Zealand and had a NZ sim card in his phone that he let me use to call the hostel in Fiji.  Then the hostel in Honolulu found space for me but I had to move to a more expensive room - seeing as the hostel in Fiji are still charging me for cancelling late, this flight change is costing me dear!  I ran into Alex - a German guy who had come out the night before, and Adam an Irish guy, who were heading to a shopping centre just out of town.  I went with them and got some cheap food & beer from Walmart.  We had planned to go out that evening, but I was still hung-over and by 11 I couldn't keep my eyes open and headed to bed leaving them to it.

**As a side note to this entry -I found out months later that not only was Andy from my home town - he's an old housemate of my brothers!  Once again I have to say -what a small world!**

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