The strangest Australia Day I've ever had

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Woke up at Ebens around midday with an aweful hangover as expected.  He dropped me back at the tramstop in Glenelg and I had to get on the world's busiest tram to get back into the city.  It was packed because everyone was heading to see the cricket.  An American guy sat next to me tried to make conversation, but I felt like I was going to hurl so was a bit rude in ignoring him.  Back in the city I didn't know what to do with myself so I walked to the park near the oval to sit in the shade and read.  I was soon acosted by some aboriginal blokes sitting nearby.  We chatted for a bit then they asked me for money and started making lewd suggestions which I declined!  By this time my hangover was in full swing and I felt so ill I decided to head back to get out of the sun.  One of the Aboriginal guys followed me still chatting for a while.  When he went ahead of me at a set of traffic lights, I ducked right into another road while he kept going straight, but after a couple of minutes he doubled back and was behind me again - he really was following me!  Thus began a back and forth wander of the streets of Adelaide until I finally managed to lose him and could head back to the hostel.  When I got there I realised I had locked my key in my room so I had to wait 20 mins for the receptionist to come to let me back in.  My stuff had been moved from my bed to the kiutchen table and someone had stolen my bed which was a bit confusing, and when I went to have a shower my towel was no-where to be found!  What a day!  Things got infinately better from that point when Dan got back from his 5 day course and took me out for ice-cream.  We walked through the University grounds and along the river looking for possums and we saw a couple so the day turned out pretty good in the end.
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photo by: shirlan