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Terry and I in our favourite afternoon hangout - Apache bar
As per the usual routine we slept until early afternoon, watched a movie in bed while it rained then headed to Little Britain for breakfast around 3.  I decided to jazz it upa bit and had chips with gravy instead of egg on toast - it was lush!  Afterwards we headed to Apache bar - Terry still had a beer despite feeling like crap after last night.  BAck at the hotel it was still raining so we watched another film - "Game Plan' featuring the Rock.  It was super cheesy but Terry seemed to be laughing pretty hard!  We ate at the same place as the night before as it was really good, but Terry couldn't get his down on account of his hangover.  Afetr our usual games of pool at reggae bar we headed early to the beach.  Adrian was at Apache bar so we stayed there for a drink before moving over to Ibiza.  I ran into the American boys we met the other night, so Chris and I headed back to Reggae bar alone to have a UK-US pool deathmatch.  The score was 1-all.  Later we decided it would be an awesome idea to go skinny dipping but it soon became apparent that we would have to walk a mile out to sea before the water got above our ankles so we abandoned that idea and went back to his.  Later on still, we tried to crash a hotel swimming pool but got caught by security before we even took our shoes off.  I meant to get an early night as we leave in the morning, but got to bed around 4!
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Terry and I in our favourite after…
Terry and I in our favourite afte…
Terry & Adrian practice their moves
Terry & Adrian practice their moves