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The flight this morning was uneventful although I missed out on lunch because I didn't request a veggie meal.  I took a bus from the airport to the hostel which was painfully slow in the traffic.  The guy sitting opposite me asked the usual questions - how old am I; am I married; where am I staying.  I was hoping the fake wedding ring would help, but I guess not!  I got a lot of stares walking the last little way to the hostel, so decided it was time to go shopping for some new clothes.  I only have one pair of cotton trousers with me and nothing that covers my shoulders!  So, in early evening I headed to the nearby night market by way of a park.  In the park there were big groups of people doing aerobics and jogging.
  There were also random pieces of gym equipment dotting around that people were using.  Suddenly, there was an announcement over a speaker and music started playing.  Everyone stopped what they were doing and stood still - it was the national anthem! At the night market I bought a few items of clothing - they were cheap but not mega cheap due to my incredibly poor bargaining skills.  In one case I agreed to the asking price only for the lady to drop it anyway - I guess she felt sorry for me being such a sucker!  All spent out, I walked for hours trying to find a restaurant that was in my guidebook but totally failed so walked back to the hostel and ate at a nearby restaurant. I got pad thai and a big beer for about 4 quid - bargain! 
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photo by: Deats