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This morning I had breakfast at Blue Diamand (yes they do lovely breakfasts too!) then headed to the airport for the 2 hour flight to Phuket.  It was a big plane and packed out which I wasn't expecting.  In Phuket I needed to get cash, but as I had forgotten to keep my Nationwide account topped up, I had to withdraw from my Lloyds account.  Problem is, I haven't used it since November and I couldn't remember the pin....good job I had just enough money to get a shared taxi to the hostel.  At the hostel they very kindly gave me a phone card that I could pay for later, and I called my bank to try and sort out the problem.  They unblocked my card which gave me another 3 attempts at my pin....after 2 incorrect attempts I gave up not wanting to block the card again, so I was down to one option - my credit card.  Another problem....I don't know the pin as I never need it, and I can't sign for cash as its Sunday and the banks aren't open.  Oh well, I stuck it in the machine and tried a number that I thought might be the!  One last attempt before I am totally screwed and without money....YES!  Unbeleiveably I remembered a pin number I've never used and was able to buy food and pay the hostel back for my phone card.  Next I had to call the bank back to get them to do a one off payment to my credit card so I don't get rinced on the interest charged when you take money out! 

Stress finally over, I settled in the TV to eat noodles and watch films with the other folks there.  Got to bed around midnight.

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photo by: Aclay01