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As usual I didn't get up until lunchtime, then I headed to a chinese garden & monestary in Kowloon to have a wander around.  There was a shopping centre next door so I went in to have a look.  Inside there was a supermarket which kept me fascinated for hours.  The fish counter had live fish, and there was shark fin soup and crocodile soup and all kinds of dried creatures in packets!  After buying some bits (including a thai green curry flavour pot noodle thing!), I headed back to the hostel for a late lunch and got ready to meet a fellow travel buddy - Charlotte - at 8.  She bought along along amother Brit - Taj - who she had met that day.  The three of us went for japanese food in a nearby restaurant, then headed to Hong Kong island to check out the night life.  We headed back at midnight before the trains stopped running, but got more beer from 7/11 and carried on drinking in Charlottes apartment.  Taj & I left at about 1:30 and headed home.  However, we stopped at Taj's place to drop off a McDonalds and ended up drinking some whisky that we had.  Next thing I know it's 5:30am and I am drunk and laughing my arse off watching Borat.  I am not looking forward to the hangover tomorrow!
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