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Hi there.

Its been over 6 months since I got back and I've now been home longer than I was away for.  So much have happened since I returned, that I haven't had time until now to look back and reflect on my incredible journey. 

When I got back to England I went to stay with my mum in North Yorkshire until I could find a job.  Having come to the conclusion that I would never be happy living in a small town again after everything I had seen I started my search in London.  6 weeks later I moved down to Clapham, South London to start my dream job working for a charity in Camden.  I lived in my friend's garage for a few days before she moved me into a flat with 2 of her friends a 5 minute walk from her.  At the end of my first week in teh Capital I went out for drinks to celebrate my new job/house and met my now boyfriend.  It's funny how things work themselves out and change everything when you least expect it.  I'm now more content than I've ever been - I've fulfilled my lifelong dream of travelling around the world that has been like an albertross around my neck for the past few years, so I can now enjoy where I am rather than dreaming about where I want to be.

I think about the trip often, like the other week when the weather turned cold and I went looking for my scarf only to remember that I left it in Hawaii when I realised I wasn't going to need it for another year at least.  I feel like I acheived so much - all those flights and foreign food and I didn't throw up once (this sounds pathetic I know but this was my biggest fear about this trip), and I gained enough confidence to walk up to complete strangers and start converations.  My life is completely changed and I'm so glad I made the decision to go.

Living under the Heathrow flight path I think about going away again all the time, but there is no desperate urge like there was before.  Besides, I think doing 30 flights in 5 months has actually increased my fear of flying instead of getting rid of it like everyone  assumed it would!  I'll get back out there in my own time.  I've already got trips to Paris and Rome booked in the next 12 months, and I'm looking forward to a friend's 0th birthday blowout in Vegas next October!  3 more places I've yet to see.

I'll end this blog with a list of things I lost/broke on this trip....

 - a scarf

 - 5 tops and some dirty underwear

 - a bath towel

 - a pair of shoes

 - Pajama bottoms

 - Flip flops

 - Camera lead & battery charger

 - plug adaptor

 - A chairman Mao watch I picked up in Hong Kong

 - Sunglasses

 - half a bikini

 - a handbag





bkretzer says:
What an adventure! I'm very impressed that you would do it alone!
Posted on: Nov 20, 2009
Vyne says:
There is something I once read about travel which I will never forget "Travel broadens the mind and the body" :) Reflecting back is always a great way to realise how far you have come despite all the hurdles in your way.

I read about some of your experiences in India and am writing to you to convey my sincere apologies for all the unpleasant experiences you had. Yes, I don't know you but as a TB and being an Indian I thought thats the least I could do. I hope you had some pleasant experiences too and I can only hope that if you ever decide to visit us again, the pleasant experiences will outnumber the unpleasant ones.
Posted on: Nov 15, 2009
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