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I started the day by eating a massive breakfast at the hostel (it was free!), then heading off to chinatown to explore.  I got really lost trying to find the center - Patong street, because it was a big mess of roads and the street signs seem to point in the wrong direction!  It was sooooo hot as well, and there was traffic trying to run me over from every direction.  When I finally found the street market I was looking for, I was really disappointed - all the stalls sold were fake designer watches and belts.  Next I wadered to the central market which was nearby and much better (it was air conditioned for a start!).  I decided to buy a silver 'wedding' ring after the incident on the train yesterday - I also bought a few postcards and souveniers.  Getting towards lunchtime I headed up a huge hill to the bird park.  It was very touristy but good fun.  I had my photot taken with a parrot and hand fed some lorries.  As I was in that part of town I also visited the butterfly park which was much smaller but nowhere near as busy.  I got loads of great photos of the butterflies, and also had a few land on me!  On the way bak from the park I saw a monkey - my first wild monkey!  I got horribly lost again trying to find the nearby monorail station and ended up walking miles back to the hostel - I was exhausted and so sweaty when I got back!  A shower, some food and a couple of beers sorted me out, and I spent the evening watching TV and chatting to the other people at the hostel.
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