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I was so excited about visiting Tanzania and see  a bit of  the Muslim AFRICA . Before going there, I read a lot about dressing properly  or “dressing for success” as the books say.


When I left the plane in DAR ES SALAAM, oh!! It was so hot!! It seemed I was in a sauna. Out of the airport there were  lots of families and  what called my attention the most was the fact that all  women: old, young  and children, were wearing  dark long dresses, the burca.  It was possible just to see their eyes, beautiful and deep look they had.   I found them so elegant, so different from my culture, and could not stop looking at. Sometimes, one of them looked at me and gave me a welcoming smile. So nice.

I wanted to know as much as I could about the country’s culture.  I tried to take a DALA- DALLA  visit the fish market and other places in town, as my flight to Kilimanjaro would leave just in the evening, around 08:00pm. But all people outside the airport discouraged me.

“ The traffic is so bad, it´s better to stay at the airport”. That´s what everybody told me.

Ok!   So I entered a shop in order to use the internet and make a call. I had to wait for that so, I started to talk to the ladies from the shop and tried to learn some basic Swahili words.


VOCABULARY ��" how to be polite in Swahili

·         GREETING: one say  “MAMBO” and the other reply “POA”




·         NO: APANA **


**(believe me or not but NO is such a basic word to be learned in this language, as well as the others above. And I got to know that just on the following day)

richjohnson says:
In looking at your travel map, it appears that you travel to several countries when you were there. My Wife & I were in Tanzania Dec 08 & hadd a wonderful time. You are correct about the heat in DAR ES SALAAM. Coming from Western washington in the US, it took some getting used to. I look forward to reading more about your trip.

Rich Johnson
Posted on: Mar 15, 2009
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