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On the following day I could understand more about what being a tourist in the north of Tanzania is.


It´s not handy, not easy, not convenient. It´s a challenge!!! There´s always someone around, always!! They try to sell you everything, if you say you do not have money they may ask how much money you have and even follow you to the ATMs. It happened with me. I entered an ATM and by the time I left the man was waiting for me. 


Despite South Africa, where being a solo traveler is so easy and convenient, where hostels offer you plenty of info about everything, where they want to get people together to visit places, go hiking… and do things in group in order to share costs (and so everything gets cheap),  Tanzania not.


At least for me and some other solo travelers, it was a little bit time consuming and expensive to travel alone in the north of Tanzania. There, they want to sell you everything PRIVATE: SAFARIS, MOUNTAIN CLIMBING…


So, be prepared to spend time visiting travel offices and asking for the tours you want to take. 


My tip: Go to VIA VIA CAFÉ, http://www.viaviacafe.com, an OASIS in the dusty Arusha. It´s in the grounds of The Natural History Museum. Good vibe, music, movies, food… Nice and helpful staff.


And, if you do not want to go on PRIVATE tours, there, you also have the chance to meet other solo travelers.



Good memories about Arusha; getting to know their culture, their habbits….02 WORLDS IN THE DUSTY ARUSHA.  


The local market is an interesting  place to be visited: hot, noisy, dirty, busy, crowded and full of  narrows streets  that take you to different smells and colors, different sensations. 


 I went there with 02 guys: one MASAAI and the other one from Kenya. They needed to buy fish and vegetables and I wanted to see  the fruits, vegetables, spices… (for me part of people´s culture).


Despite those people on the streets trying to sell me everything, there, in the market, people just wanted to say: HELLO (MAMBO)… and women wanted to touch me, shake hands, smile at me… So nice! So welcoming. Maybe that´s why I found the fruits so tasty.



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photo by: Mikie