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Haha, the People in Hainan right now think it's like freezing cold outside... I think it's really funny. It's like still a bit warm/hot outside right now, and they are like freezing their Balls off... haha
I was just walking with my Friend to get some 燒烤(Shaokao). Shaokao is this Stuff that's like at these little Stands along the Roadside. You can choose from many Things, they are all on wooden Skewers. There are some green Veggies, some 豆腐(Tofu), some 蘑菇(Mushrooms), 地瓜(Sweet Potatoe), 雞爪(Chicken Feet), 蟹肉(Crab Meat), and they season it and deep fry it or cook it on an open Fire, depending on where you go.
I had the Sweet Potatoe deep fried with some icing, and the Crab Meat deep fried with some hot Sauce.
And now, of Course, since I'm finished writing this, the Internet cuts out... I'm starting to get really pissed about that... Cos I know it's not the Connection, it's the School turning it off cos they are retarded and don't know how to handle all this big Technology. Or trying to keep the Students off the Internet at Night or something. But at Night is the only Tyme I really get to talk with my Friends and Family online or by Phone. Considering that my Phone is through the Internet, if the Internet is out, my Phone is out... It freaking cut out AS SOON as I was finna click "PUBLISH POST" too man... But there is good News, I'm listening to "北京欢迎你"(Beijing huanying ni) on my Phone and it's like my favourite chinese Song, so it cheers me up a little.
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I just wanna give you Guys an Idea on how cheap Life in China can be for someone from America who save up for Retirement here, it really is a great Idea, and it is definitely where I'm coming when I retire...
Keep in Mind though, that these are the Prices in 黄流(Huangliu), if you live somewhere like 三亚(Sanya), 北京(Beijing), 上海(Shanghai), 琼海(Qionghai), 西安(Xi'an), 哈尔滨(Harbin), or 杭州(Hangzhou)[Places with a lot of Tourists], the Prices will be slightly, but not much higher on certain Things like Clothes and Food.
If you live in
香港(Hong Kong), which is really different from China anyhow, I think the Prices are much much higher...

So this is a List of Things I bought today in the Market just now about 20 Minutes ago and the Prices and Quantities compared to the American Prices and Quantities:

*1 Catty(Half a Kilo[1lb. 1,65oz.{17,65 Ounces}]) is the standard Unit of Measurement here.
*therefore Half a Catty is obviously 1/4 Kilo(8,825oz.)
The Exchange Rate is NOT exact, so with the Cents I have to round up a little. But not much, so the Price IS correct, but the Total may be different from what you are expecting. For Example if I buy 10 Eggs @ ¥0,5(8¢) each, you would expect me to spend 80¢ in all, right? Well because the Price is actually ¥0,5(7,32676¢), we cannot spend 0,32676 Cents, so therefore I must round up to 8 Cents. But 7,32676¢*10 = 73,2676¢, therefore I round up to 74 Cents. It's not exactly 80, but I hope this makes Sense to you... If not, deal with it and don't worry about it. Lol

1 Catty of Fish for ¥2(30¢)
(^It' just the cheap Fish though for the Cat, cos she's not too picky when it comes to Fish^)

2 Carrots for ¥1(15¢)

1 Catty of Snap Peas for ¥2(30¢)

1 Catty of Oranges for ¥2(30¢)

5 Eggs @ ¥0,5(8¢) each totaling ¥2,5(37¢)

Half a Catty of Shrimp for ¥4(59¢)

Total for the Market today = ¥13,5($1,98)

Some Things I didn't buy, but I know the Prices of include:

1 Bottle of Coca Cola(600 mL) = ¥3(44¢)

1 Bottle of Sprite(600 mL) = ¥2,5(37¢)

1 Bottle of Jasmine green Tea(500 mL) = ¥2,5(37¢)

1 Bottle of sweet green Tea(500 mL) = ¥2,5(37¢)

1 Bottle of Wahaha Water(1,25 L) = ¥2,5(37¢)

1 Bottle of 矿泉水 Mineral Water(600 mL) = ¥1(15¢)

1 Bottle of Coconut Palm Water(550 mL) = ¥1,5(22¢)

1 Bottle of Coconut Palm Water(350 mL) = ¥1(15¢)

1 Bottle of Qoo(500 mL) = ¥3,5(52¢)

1 Bottle of flavoured Milk(500 mL) = ¥4(59¢)

btw Coconut Palm Water is the most delicious.