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I just thought I'd give out some helpful Tips if you are thinking about visiting China. First off, if you're a Guy and you are shy and you don't want anyone to see what your Parents gave you, you should probably not pee at a public Restroom the entire Tyme you are in China.. lol. The most helpful Thing I think I can say for Starters is, BUY A CHINESE DICTIONARY BEFORE YOU COME TO CHINA. People are very friendly, and if you don't know how to say something, you can just find it in the Dictionary and point to it.
2) The Taxi Drivers WILL cheat you. Make sure you get your Receipt and cheque the Amount before getting out of the Cab. If they cheat you, you can say, "不要骗�'!(bù yào piàn w�'!)" and they have their License posted on the front Dashboard, you can copy their Info and Tag Number and report them.
3) If you walk, write down which Streets you take(The Signs are usually subtitled in roman Letters). Chinese Streets can get a bit confusing.
4) If you take the Train, your Ticket will say where you are coming from and your Destination like this "广州 ----> 三亚"(Just an Example, Guangzhou to Sanya). Remember how to read your Destination in Chinese. They probably won't tell you when you get there where you are. Each Station has a Sign that says which Station(站) you are at. If you don't see a Sign, you can ask someone, "�'们在�"�里站?"(w�'men zài nǎlǐ zhàn?). The Sign which says the Station will be laid out like this, "广州站(Guangzhou Station)". You can also just begin to get off at any Stop and show them your Ticket as you are getting off and they will tell you if you're at the right one, but if you don't wanna look stupid, you should probably not do that... The Ticket will also tell you which Car, Which Section, and which Bunk, like this: "09车22号下�"�". 09车 means you are in Car Number 9. 22号 means you are in Section 22 . 下�"� means you are on the bottom Bunk. You could also have the middle(中�"�) or top(上�"�) Bunk. This could definitely save you some Confusion. When you are waiting for your Train, if you are in a larger City with a large Train Station, chances are you need to go to a waiting Room. You will see an electronic Board somewhere with all of the Departures scrolling on it. When you see yours look for something that says 2楼5候, this means 2楼(2nd Floor)5候(Waiting Room Number 5). This is very important to know, because if you are in there, it is definitely much easier to catch your Train on Tyme. Boarding usually begins about 30-45 Minutes befoure Departure. Buy Food and Drinks to bring with you on the Train! At and around the Train Station and on the Train, Drinks and Food are outrageously priced! Yesterday I wanted a Bottle of Sprite at the Train Station and she said, Y4,5!!! That's only about 66 Cents, but if you walk around the Corner to some small Store in an Alley, you can get a Sprite for about Y2,5... When you don't have much Money, that Y2 you saved is a lot! :)
5) If you will be eating while you are in China(haha), you should definitely stray away from the Trainstation, Busstation, or Airport. The Restaurants there are very expensive. I like to say they are foreigner priced. Hehe. But yeah, it's really easy, just walk down a dark Alley, around a few Curves, through a few narrow Passageways and you can find a local cheap Restaurant with good traditional Food. And don't worry, China is very safe, you are most likely NOT going to get mugged or robbed when navigating these Crevices.
6) If you go to Beijing, I recommend seeing 5DK(�"�"口[W�" dào k�'u]). If you go to Guangzhou, I recommend going to Beijing Road(北京路[Běijīng lù]). Also if you go to Tiananmen Square or Qianmen Street, bring something to eat and drink. Everything there is also expensive. Y5 for a Bottle of Coca-Cola(usually only Y3)!!
7) Go to befoure you travel and make some Friends in China. It will make the Experience a lot better if you know someone here...
8) Bring me some Dr. Pepper! I live in Huangliu Township in Hainan! :)
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