Sleepless in Hainan

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So there is a Problem now with the Fish in Hainan having Worms... It's really gross, cos I found out the hard Way, I was cooking some Fish and some Worms came out of them. I immediately threw all of them Away. Then I noticed Signes popping up all around School warning about the bad Fish... :(
So for some Reason, chinese Cats ONLY EAT FISH! In America, if you give a Cat some Meat, it will eat it(Maybe I'm mistaken, but I always thought that Cat's were carnivorous). So, because there are Worms in the Fish, I'm not going to feed them to Thing1... So I bought her some Pork and cooked it, and she ate it after like all Day of starving herself and crying for Food. Then today I gave her some Chicken, and she kept looking at it, and licking it, but not eating it. So all Day, I kept seeing her picking up Bigs around the House and eating them... I don't know what else to feed her though... cos I mean, wtf do they eat besides Fish?
Anyhow, tomorrow I'm going to 尖峰嶺(Jianfeng Mountain) to climb it! I'm excited, but I have to get up early in the Morning which I'm not too terribly excited about, haha... But I'll get over it.
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