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So, I got a Package in the Post today from my Mum! I was excited to get that! :)
She sent me two Bibles, a Book of Poems written by her Friend, some Photos of my Family, some American Money and a Mousepad with her Photo in it! :)
I have Photos of all of my Brothers now except for David... :(
When I talk about my Family, they usually wanna see Photos, so this is pretty kool! Also, most of the People here have never seen american Money!! So, they are really excited to see that. One of the Bibles was personalised for a Teacher here, Rose Zhou(周妹). She was so excited when I gave it to her, she literally JUMPED for Joy. I'm not kidding at all, it was exciting! I also got to meet her Mother who is over 70 Years old when I brought the Bible to her. Her Mother is so sweet. Unfourtunately I was talking to her in 普通话(Mandarin Chinese) and the whole Tyme, I'm just talking away, waiting for Rose to come back from wherever she had gotten off to. Anyhow when she got back, she informed me that her Mum doesn't understand 普通话! LOL, so this whole Tyme I'm pretty much just babbling Nonsense to her. HAHA! She only knows 海南话, which is a Dialect spoken only in Hainan Island. I know a little 海南话, but not much. To me, it sounds like Vietnamese mixed with like some outerspace Alien noises... it's pretty strange.
Speaking of strange...
The first "Strange" occurred yesterday as I was walking to the Shop across the Street. Class had just gotten out so all of the Students were walking toward the School Gate, as was I, as this is the Way to the Grocery Shop. Anyhow, either I was walking really fast or everyone was walking really slow. Whatever it was, I felt like I was crazy!!! It was so weird, I could like walk Circles around People as they were walking. I didn't because they'd think I was really really crazy then! Even the People riding Bikes were going really slow... I really felt like I was on something...
But this could have been Symptoms of "Strange" #2. This one is something I ate yesterday. I had NO CLUE what it was, but the Package read: Name: Strange Taste Beans. LOL, the Top on the Front said: "100% Special ENJOY" and "Pure Europe Taste Delicious to you". The Middle of the Front said: "Feel delicious food yourself". Haha, I'm having so much Fun with Asians and their silly Engrishes! :)
Anyhow, it's pretty late here, like 9:45 AM in TX... haha...
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