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Today, some Teachers(Ms. 周[Zhou], Ms. 李[Li], Ms. 林[Lin], and Stephen) and I went to 尖峰岭(Jianfeng Mountain). We climbed all the Way to the Top. It was pretty amasing, there were Trees there over 2000 Years old! So I got inside of some of them and took some Photos, but unfourtunately it is not a Digicam and there are like no Scanners in China... lol But I'm going to see if I can get a CD when we get the Film developed.
At the Top of the Mountain there was a small Village built on a beautiful Lake. It was pretty amasing, we ate Lunch there and the Food was soo good! Also, I was able to learn some History about the Place. It turns out that when the Japanese invaded Hainan Island, the People of Jianfeng built this Village at the Top of the Mountain hidden from Eyesight and the Lake provided them with Fish and Water, and the Ground was fertile and the Weather is fantastic, so they were able to grow plentiful Crops and sustain themselves there, and they never left...
I'll try to get some Photos uploaded ASAP. Also, on the Way back from Jianfeng, we met some People from the Li Minority Group. Their Skin is white like mine and they have similar facial Structures, they don't have the slanted Eyes like the Han Majority. They live inside of Caves in the Mountains here in Hainan. It's really interesting, they have entyre Villages built INSIDE of the Mountains... They are definitely my favourite ethnic Group EVER! But their Language is hard as Crap to pronounce! I'll give some Examples as best I can, haha(Cos they taught us some of it): Hello sounds like "meng-hlanl". Foreigner sounds like "wahgngoah". See you later sounds like "wiig dzeeyahng"
Well, I guess that's really all for tonight, cos that took all Day to do, so I really didn't do anything else, haha...
OH YEAH! I've invited 3 Students to go to Church with me next Sunday and they all wanna go! So that's pretty exciting to me...
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