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I'd like to say that I had a nice five Day Weekend, but I would be lying. On the Contrary, I'd rather have had no Weekend than the one I had...
I went to 海口(Haikou) on Saturday Morning with 潘老师(Mr. Pan). He and I looked for the Bureau of Exit and Entry, so that I could renew my Visa for at least another two Months. The Trouble began when I left Huangliu with only ¥400($58,60) roughly. The Ticket to Haikou was ¥79($11,58).
We found the Bureau and went in, but they were closed for the Weekend.(Keep in Mind, by this Tyme I had been ill for about 6 Days, so I'm easily agitated). Therefore, we must stay until Monday. So we found a Hotel which was quite nice if I say so. It was a nice Change to sleep on a Mattress. The Hotel was ¥120($17,58) per Night, but Mr. Pan paid.
So that was pretty much Saturday, and then Sunday was the same really... Monday Morning we arrived at the Bureau and I told Mr. Pan to tell them I'm a Tourist and to say nothing about me being a Teacher, cos that Way we could get Things done a lot faster. So I don't speak Chinese fluently, but I know more than enough to know that the first Thing he said to them was that I'm a Teacher living at Huangliu Middle School! So this made everything FAR more complicated than it needed to be. So, now I had to get a Residency Permit from the Police Station in Huangliu(Which I already have of Course, just not on me).
So the Ticket back to Huangliu was another ¥79($11,58), so ¥158($23,15) in Total PLUS the 2 Nights in the Hotel totalling ¥398($58,30) altogether.
So on Monday, aproximately 18:00 we came back to Huangliu and visited the Police Station, but there was no Electricity... Wow, big Surprise... NOT! So they said I should come back at 8:30 the next Morning.
So about 8, I re-upped my Phone with ¥20($2,93) and headed to the Police Station to get a Letter from them to give to the Bureau of Exit and Entry. After about 30 Minutes they had it ready for me. So I caught the 10:30 Bus to Haikou. When I got there, I knew where I was going, I just didn't know how to say it or write it... So I met Mr. Pan's Friend in Haikou by taking the #1 Bus to 華超中學, which translates to "Chinese ultra Middle School" haha... Oh I giggle everytyme I think about that stupid Name... haha
Once at the Bureau, we waited for about an Hour befoure the lasy Worker would even come to the damn Desk. So then she so kindly informed me that I'm an illegal Immigrant! haha, it's not such a big Deal in China though. So she said I need to pay ¥940($137,70) and I have to leave China by 27.NOV.2008. BUT, to make Things more fun, I get to go back to Haikou on Tuesday, 4.NOV.2008 to pay the ¥940 and retrieve my Passport... that's right they kept it!
So I went back to Haikou West Station to get a Bus back to Huangliu. Alas, I was one Minute past the last Bus to Huangliu... They said I should come back in the Morning at 9. Well, being an Immigrant and all, I have to have a Passport to stay in a Hotel and they kept my Passport at the Bureau of Exit and Entry! So I was able to convince someone I was a nice Guy and they let me stay in an empty Dorm Room in the Ultra Middle School, haha. The School was very nice, much better than my School in Huangliu. So this Morning, I woke up roughly at 6:30, thanked my Host, and departed to the Bus Station and got a Ticket to Huangliu at 9 arriving here about 13:15.
Since then, I've really done nothing but wish for some running Water so I can take an easy Shower. Showering from a Bucket isn't so bad, but it would definitely be nice to have a warm "real" Shower... lol
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