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So, I'm in China now. It's quite amasing! On the first Night when I flew in this past Thursday, the Bus and Taxi Rides were more exhilerating than a Rollercoaster. My new Friend King2(They often give themselves English Names and they don't know the Meanings, haha), thinks that I look just like Tom Cruise... LOL. So, of Course, jokingly, I told him he looks just like Jackie Chan.
The first Night, when I arrived, we came back to the Apartment from the Airport and King2 had cooked a delicious Supper. There was some Egg w/ Vegetable Dish, a Dish with some Sort of Rice Noodles and Sweet-Potatoe Gelatin Things in it, a Cow Stomach Dish, one with stewed Chicken Feet, and the other had I wanna say Beef with Vegetables...? Despite what it sounds like, it was all very delicious. Aside from the stewed Chicken Feet, I don't much like Chicken Feet... After that, I went for a Walk in the Park with a Girl named Alice(高讲�"). She treated me to some chinese Ice Creme which was amasingly delicious.
The next Morning, David and I went to the Airport to Terminal 2(the new one). It's the largest Building in the World at the Moment, and it was definitely MASSIVE! But we were picking up a new Arrival from London, Great Brittain called Dorian.
Dorian is really kool, he's 22 and he has the awesome british Accent! His Parents, however, are jamaican, so he's very cultured. He and I quickly became Friends, being that we were the only People either of us knew in China who could speak English well enough to be humorous with one another.
So, we left the Airport and came back to the Office to drop off Dorian's Things and then we went to Breakfast. I'm, again, not sure what we ate, but it was delicious. There were these steamed Bun Things with Meat in them(which I now know are called 包子[Baodze]). Also, some Dumplings with Meat, we had some Egg Soup with Seaweed in it, and some Sort of pickled Carrots. Vinegar was the Condiment of Choice. Did I mention that the Chinese LOVE Beer?!? OMG, the first Night, all they served with Dinner was Beer. Every two Seconds or so, I heard, "乾杯!" which means "CHEERS!", so needless to say, I was feeling it pretty quickly... LOL
After Breakfast, we(David, Dorian, and I) went to the Store to try finding a Power Adapter for my Electronics... I got one yesterday... LOL
So, after trying the Store, we set up Bank Accounts at ICBC(Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, I think). And I also set one up at China Construction Bank. The Process of getting a Bank Account here is much easier than in the US. You can just show them your Passport, give them your Address and E-Mail, and choose a PI Number, and they give you a Bank Card right there. No Waiting! After all this, I was finally able to go back to the Flat and shower. Befoure this I didn't have a Towel, haha... I didn't realise, that in Order to have hot Water, I had to turn something on in the Kitchen... So I took a very cold Shower and it sucked...
Later, Goldwyn(Our Programme Director) took me and Dorian to Lunch, where we had a Tomatoe and Egg Soup with some Sort of garlicky Greens and some cooked Treanuts of some Sort. I now know that the garlicky Greens were the Leaves of the Sweet Potatoe, or 地�"�[Digwah]. Of Course it was all very delicious... If I were to say that the Chinese surpass every Culture in anything, it would definitely be the Food! After that, Dorian and I walked to the local Supermarket and he bought some tiny Apples and and Orange Drink and some Ketchup flavoured Potatoe Crisps. I bought some Pizza flavoured Crisps(¥2/30¢), which tasted EXACTLY like Pizza! I also bought some 可口可(Coca-Cola @ ¥3/44¢ per Bottle). I bought some Latte flavoured "Chips Ahoy!" Biscuits(¥3/44¢). They also had Orange, Peanut, Coffee, and regular Chocolate Chip flavoured Chips Ahoy!. I saw cool Cucumber flavoured Lay's Potatoe Crisps as well, but I didn't buy them.
Later that Evening, I fell asleep and was awoken for Dinner, as I was not yet used to the 13 Hour Tyme Difference. So I was tyred and I don't remember what we ate, cos afterwards I dropped back into Bed...
So, there are KFC's EVERYWHERE here, I have seen 1 Dairy Queen, and I haven't yet seen any McDonald's, but I know they have them. OH YEAH! There are Starbucks everywhere here too!! How coincidental, eh?
Yesterday, David, Meagan, and I went to this amasing gigantic underground Mall called Carrefour! It was soo massive... There were THOUSANDS of People in there. I bought my Power Converter(¥25/$3,67) there and some Lay's Blueberry flavoured Potatoe Crisps(¥3/44¢), which were beside Lay's Lychee flavoured Crisps on the Shelf. The Lychee ones were a bit more Expensive, maybe ¥4,5(66¢). I also got a Bottle of Qoo(¥2,6/38¢). It's Orange Juice made by the Coca-Cola Company and it's really really delicious! :)
Last Night, King2 and I dropped Dorian off at 北京西站(Beijing West Station), which is this absolutely gargantuanly massive Train Station. He was headed for 南昌(Nanchang). Afterwards, King2 took me to 天安門(Tian'anmen Square), but it was closed cos President 胡錦同(Hu Jintong) was there. We got to see the Egg, the Cube, and the Bird's Nest though.
On the Way Home, we took Subway Lines 1&2 and Skyway Line 13, then the Bus. Line 1 smelled terrible and was not airconditioned. Line 2 was a bit newer and had little Airconditioning, and Line 13 was emaculate with an amasing Airconditioner. Which was awesome because I was beginning to think that the Chinese didn't believe in A/C. It's very hot where we sleep, but I deal...
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