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Chinese MTV is awesome!!! They actually play Music. I just wanted to throw that in here somewhere... MTV stands for Music Television for those of you who don't know(including American MTV, I don't think they know). But yeah, they have this Segment called Global Hits, and they play Music mainly from America, but from other Parts of the World as well. Most of the chinese Songs are about Love... ewww. LOL. But there are some good ones. I was in 广东省(Guǎngdōng Province) for the past few Days though and most of the Music on the MTV there was Cantonese, but it still sounded good. I heard this one cantonese Band called Soler. They were pretty darn good! :)
That was my first Tyme going to 广州(Guǎngzhōu) and it was amasing. When I move back to China, 广州 is definitely on my List of potential Places to live. The only bad Thing is, almost everyone I ran into spoke first Cantonese or (广东话)Guǎngdōnghuà, and then Mandarin or (普通话)Pǔtōnghuà. Cantonese is more commonly called 粤语(Yuèyǔ). I'm not sure why there are the two Names, I'm pretty sure Cantonese and Guǎngdōnghuà are a little bit different though. Anyhow, I don't understand Cantonese or Guǎngdōnghuà if there's a Difference. But at least when they speak Mandarin it is understandable. People in Hainan, where I live, just mumble when they speak Mandarin or even 海南话(Hǎinánhuà). I hate it when they try to talk to me, and they make me feel like an Idiot cos I can't understand them and they are speaking Mandarin, but I mean, if they mumble in a Language that is foreign to me, how CAN I understand?
So, the Restaurants in China, really wanna put their Signs in Chinese and English. Well, I found a Restaurant in Guǎngzhōu called "North City of Conscious Dumplings"... Haha, WHAT?!?! "Did my Dumpling just beg me not to eat it?"
Anyhow, by now you are probably wondering about the Title of this one... Haha. Well on the Train from Guǎngzhōu to 三亚(Sānyà), I saw multiple tiny Cities. I have yet to find out what they were, but I assumed that they MUST either be Cities built for Cats(LOL) or extravagant Gravesites.
I guess that's all for now...
-God Bless!
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photo by: westwind57