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Before I say anything else, I just wanna say, Ciara Andries wrote a freaking awesome Poem to me on and I'm not going to post the Link so you can see it, I just wanted to tease you with that! Haha, nanna nanna boo boo, I know it and you-ooooo do-on't!
Man, my Brain wanders off in so many Directions you'll be just as confused as I am when you finish reading this! o(∩_∩)o...哈哈
The Fact of the Matter is chinese Sprite(雪碧) is definitely waaaay better than american Sprite. Mmmhmmm...
I love my new Bible that my Mom sent me! It's awesome! I've been working on translating a chinese Book that I bought from chinese into English. It's a bit difficult because some of the Phrases don't exactly translate into English as exactly as one would hope. :p But, it's helping improve my written Vocabulary greatly. And what's better is that, it's a Book, so I can bring it back to the States with me when I come back and continue improving my written Chinese! :) 好快乐!
I cooked some delicious Noodles a few Nights ago and made yet again some delicious Soup last Night, all from Scratch. China is teaching me lots of Things! 我很快乐! :)
Also, I finally learned how to cook the freaking Cassava... It's sooo easy. Later today, considering that it's still Morning here, I'm going to cook some delicious Sweet Potatoes!
I hope my new Place in the North has some o' demz Ovenz, all the better for me to cook with. My Place here doesn't have some Ovenz.
Shirley Q Liquor, you ROCK!
If it got some Ovenz, I can is be cook some o' demz new Yearz Pies. Dey gots chocahlate Pies, some o' demz sweet Yam Pies, some Punkin Pies. Dat's my fave rit onez!
N e schwayz! I khave Class in bout one Hour. I really wanna go to the Market and get some Yams and Cassavas, but I want a chinese Person to go with me, cos if I go alone, they will try to cheat me, and that just makes the entyre Process MUCH longer... Plus, I have never seen Yucca Roots or Sweet Potatoes in the Market, so I don't know where to go to get them...
In other News, I'm still really excited to move to Heilongjiang(got my Fingers all tangled up about that). But my Mood about moving back to the US has actually shifted greatly. I'm growing so attached to China. When someone said something about me only being in Huangliu for like another Month, my Heart skipped a Beat. I felt sad, because I know that I have actually made some really great Friends here and that I will miss them just as much as they will miss me. Everytyme someone mentions me leaving, I see Ciara's and my Aunt's Faces in my Mind the Day I left Dallas for Beijing... :(
So I decided that I wanna go to CCCCD for a Year to get my Basics done and then I wanna try for Beijing University, or maybe Tsinghua University. They are prestigious Universities but because they are in China, they are pretty cheap and I will get a Chance to come back here. I may have to study for an extra Year though, cos the first Year, I'll probabl;y have to take a Mandarin Chinese Course. I can speak it, but not enough to go to College Classes taught in Chinese.
I guess that's all for now, unless I come back later and edit this, in which Case, the Confusion will only grow...
Black Clap Bananas!
God Bless!
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