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你好!我在黃流。。。(Hello, I'm in Huangliu...) It's not exactly the greatest Place ever, haha.
But first let me catch you up... Two Days after Dorian was dropped off at 北京西站, he arrived back at the Office in 北京(Beijing)... I was quite puzzled by this so naturally I inquired. It turns out, he was turned away by the School in Nanchang because he is black... WTF?!?! yeah... BUT now he's in 西安 and he's got it made there... So it turned out good.
So, now I'm in Huangliu... It's a small Village in Southwest 海南省(Hainan Province). Honestly, I asked to be placed in a City... This is not a City at all... I also asked to be placed in or around Beijing... I'm as far away from Beijing as I can be while still being in China... haha!
But it's working out ok, cos there's a rather large City close by. My Roommate, Stephen, and I went there(三亚[Sanya]) this past Weekend.
Village Life is sooo different from Life in America. The Streets here are absolutely filthy, so I wasn't impressed with that. The People litter all the Tyme, and Children poopl and pee in the Streets... The first Tyme I saw that I was really disgusted. Hogs, Chickens, Goats, Dogs, Ducks, Cattle, Elephants and other random Animals just freely roam the Streets here. That Part I find pretty awesome! oh btw, the Part about the Elephants, I was joking, ain't be no Elephizzles up in hurr, I just wish dey wuz sum! OOH dooodleBOP!
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