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It's about 5:30 pm, and my dad and I land in puerto rico! It is my first time being in the caribbean. We leave the airport and hop into a cab. It doesn't quite seem like we are on a caribbean island. It almost looks like we are in florida, like Miami. But we are far from Miami. I first truly realize we are in Puerto Rico when we are in the cab, driving to our hotel in Old San Juan, and I look out the window, while we are driving along a major paved road. There are huge waves crashing up against the shore. The sun is setting as well, but still basically light outside. Over in NY it would be completely dark by now. And 30 degrees. But here it is 85!

Our hotel was hidden in a back alleyway of a cobblestone road in old san juan. We almost miss it. Our hotel is very art deco, with a color scheme of black and white. My blackberry is not working with the caribbean network. Maybe that's a blessing in disguise, although everyone else on our trip has their cell phones. Our hotel is very minimal. Just enough for two full size beds and a bathroom. No Tv. Not that that would matter.

We venture out of our hotel in search for where the rest of the family is. They are at a hotel restaurant having drinks. We walk in and can't believe its actually inside. It looks like we were eating in the middle of the jungle. I had my first drink be a mojito in Puerto Rico. It was tasty.

After dinner and drinks, we head back to the hotel. Me being a young bachelorette, I am feeling quite restless so I head on down to the lobby where the cute front desk guy is to get some tips on the nightlife of san juan. He gives me some cool hot spots, and this guy named willito walks in. He claims he's the manager of a bar downstairs, but looks like he's 18. He decides to show me the port of old san juan, where the gate is, that was built in the 1600s to ward off unwanted invaders. It was a pretty amazing site. You could see the cruise ships at the dock and the skyline of san juan light up like a christmas tree. Finding the company a little awkward, I decide to leave very quickly. Willito was pissed and said, "Don't expect me to say hi to you tomorrow." What wonderful puerto rican hospitality. I return to the hotel to find cute boy gone. Oh well.
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Old San Juan
photo by: b93sp