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We have now travelled 3,300 miles from Ann Arbor, Michigan to San Jose, California and now are waiting for a package to be delivered to a friend's house so that we can head on to our friend's wedding in Los Angeles.

The trip was better than I think both of us expected and I have made a list of more American cities that I need to see in the next couple of years.  I enjoyed seeing the differences from state to state in addition to seeing a few famous landmarks.  While we missed out on seeing Indians, alcatraz and a rodeo as Ana had requested we also saw much more than we expected.  While the pure emptiness of some of the states caught us off-guard we were also happy to see the bare lands.  We were both amazed that that the state of Wyoming only has 500,000 residents despite being the same size as Romania and twice the size of Ohio.  This made for a lot of relaxing driving that was replaced by more stressful driving when we got to California.  We were also amazed by the number of world famous destinations that we had never heard of.  While we managed to make it to the world famous Corn Palace and the world famous Lava Hot Springs in Idaho, there were many other world famous destinations that we couldn't make it to and whose names we have already forgotten.

We also appreciated the honesty of some of the people out west.  When stopping at a visitor center in Montana, we asked the only worker what we should see in the area and she seemed caught off guard.  'There are some nice houses around and Billings, Montana some time has plays' was her response'.  Can't imagine what the response would be from a normal person walking down the street.  We also learned that everybody has their own perspectives when answering questions..when asking at a gas station whether there was any restaurants around at a gas station in South Dakota the attendant responded said, 'yeah, just get on the highway right here and head 20 miles down the road and there will be on on your left'...hmmm...I think I will just take a candy bar.

Other suprisings and learning points...

1) bringing maps on a cross-country trip are advised, but suprisingly tourist offices normally give you state maps for free

2) Ana made it all the way across country without falling asleep while I managed to not fall asleep either (which is good since I was driving the whole time)

3) Blackberries are amazing for finding hotels, gps directions, trying to track down packages or getting the Reds score in Wyoming

4) If your blackberry's battery dies, you can go to a residential neighborhood, turn on your laptop and get free internet from somebody with an unsecured netowork

5) If something says that it is world famous then it isn't.

6) Best sites: seeing grizzlies in Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore, Lake Tahoe

7) Least Favorite State: Nevada

8) Average hotel price: $59 (prices ranges from $28 in Reno, NV to $83 in Cody, WY)

9) Biggest disappointment: Cody, Wyoming...there was no night life and the daily rodeo's didn't start till June

The trip hasn't gone without its injuries.  We are in search of a dentist to 're-glue' a cap on Ana's teeth before we jump on any planes to Asia and I am walking with a limp from a pain that suddenly appeared in my ankle.  Hopefully it will disappear just as quickly.

This is the first of what will become my regular Friday updates so check back again next weekend.

dlillback says:
Nice update JoeMoeddel. Good work on your travels, what a great trip. Hopefully you and Felder don't have the same ankle pain.
Posted on: Jun 08, 2009
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