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December is a great time to get away on holiday,  a very holiday-heavy month. From Eidul Adha, Christmas to New Year, so everyone would usually be free from school and work. So where am i going this December? well, im going to the place where the mojo of MTV and mobile phones has eclipsed the magic of Mao. Yes you've guessed it right! BEIJING, CHINA!!!

Initially, we plan on going somewhere nearer like Indonesia or Malaysia, but since we really want our grandparents to experience winter ( since the only season singapore has is BIG SALE season) we decided to go to asia countries with seasons. Why asia? and not western countries like Europe? well first of all, due to the long flight and my grandparents can't possibly sit for such a long flight and from our experience Europe is not exactly the place to go for a week or two holiday.Trust me you need more than that, cause Europe is so HUGE with so many interesting places to visit. Well, our initial choice was Hong Kong(partly because of the shopping), but then after doing some researched on the tour packages (that mostly provides Hong Kong + Beijing tour), which i'm telling you was no easy job, cause we were finding for muslim tours but apparently most of the Tour companies that provides muslim tours here in Singapore does not have a website and it's impossible for us to go to each and every agency with our pack schedule and not forgetting that my dad only take Singapore Airlines  (-_-) , so we had to turn down a few offers cause they only provide china airlines for  beijing to hong kong, and we were really insisting on taking a tour package cause going free and easy with two senior citizens isn't exactly a smart choice unless you are really familiar with the place (like the last time we went to Bangkok with grandparents, it was really tiring for them). So at last, after a few days of searched we found a really good tour package by Hahnemann Tours Pte Ltd to Beijing + Tianjin.

So this few days i've been doing alot of researched on Beijing especially on shopping & the traditional foods there. Do you guys know what's the must-try foods in Beijing (halal one's though or at least vegetarian), like in Macau they had this deliciously made-in-heaven egg tart that i still really regret not buying for my family.If you do, please do leave me a comment cause i would love to try it and any other must-see places.

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