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Harald, Li san and I decided to climb Mt. Fuji during a night trip to make it to the top to see the sunrise at 4.30 am. It was around 9 pm when we decided to take our flashlights and move uphill. In the beginning there were no issues, besides Li san lost power of his flashlight climbing in pitch black darkness... He made it - no worries :)

From one station to the other we climbed with our hiking sticks up and up till we got to 3,300 mtr. There the air becomes quite thin and I really appreciated to have some oxygene Tamami san had given to me before we started the trip. We stood on the crater at 4.15 am and it is just hardly to describe how we felt when the sun came up. Amazing to see the silhouttes of the hikers while sun rises beyond the clouds - felt like standing on a wing of an airplane looking down to the ground.

A must see spot once in a lifetime!!!

I missed to send a post card - yes they really have a post office up there on 3.776 mtrs. ;)

Go for that adventure!!

Thanks Harald that we didn't turn around close before the summit !!

Larrys says:
A couple of my other TB friends have also climbed Mt. Fuji but I think it was during the day. that must have been awesome.
Posted on: Apr 05, 2009
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We drove by car to change to bus and walking up the rest to the summit. We started walking at 9pm and reached the crater at 4.30 am exactly on time to see the sunrise. Now I know why Japan is called land of the rising sun.

It was like standing on a wing of an airplane and I will never forget the impression I had that morning. I still think about climbing up again before starting to think about Kilimanjaro in Africa.

If you never did - Dare if you do - dare if you don't !

This is definitely one out of 10 things you should have seen/done in a lifetime.


momiji says:
I wanna do that before I'm too old :)
Don't you have some photos??
Posted on: Jan 18, 2009
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photo by: jennjeff1