In which Beth is assaulted by a small freckly Thai woman

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The rooftop bar

Well....last night I trotted off to the Night Market about a 20 minute walk away. It was a typical tourist market with the same stuff on most stalls and I wasn't in the mood (and neither do I have the space in my rucksack!) for shopping. So after getting a bit disorientated I decided to sit with my pretty Nancy Chandler map (american artist who does pretty maps of Thai Cities) and figure out where I was. Had a delicious red curry and spied a massage place across the road.

So having finished dinner, I wandered across and decided to have a half hour head/neck/shoulder massage. Now, I know Thai massage is different from the western idea of it so I was expecting a bit of stretching and pushing and pummelling but my God, this woman was something else.

Carrot carving...harder than it looks!
I swear at one point she was actually walking on me and she even massaged my bum! Which was strange. She then proceeded to knead me into absolute agony for a good twenty minutes. My shoulders even feel bruised today! Oh well, thats what you get from a cheap massage I guess. I'll be trying somewhere else next time!

Today I went to a cookery school called Siam Rice which was really lovely. It was run by a family in their house and was very well done. I made a chicken coconut soup, minced chicken salad, spring rolls, red curry and sticky coconut rice with mango. Yum yum yum. We started with a trip to the market to be told about the herbs, most of which I have never seen in my life! They have several varieties of basil including 'Holy Basil' and 'Lemon Basil'. They also use a different type of ginger and these tiny little garlic cloves. It was all really tasty and I'm so full I had to bring my red curry home in a bag!

Off to find a bookshop this evening as it turns out that I hadn't been meaning to read Spot of Bother, I've already read it! Darn it! That was annoying half-a-page into my bedtime read. So now have two books to swap for something new. Might try and get hold of a copy of the Lonely Planet Vietnam so I can consider that part of my trip a bit more carefully. I just moved into my dorm where I'll be for the next seven nights and a guy there said Laos is stunning so doesn't sound like I can strike that one off my list as I had hoped.

free08 says:
Gosh, like avapoet, I was scared that you were actually attacked by a small Thai woman. You should be a writer, keeping the reader at a suspense. lol!!!
Posted on: Feb 07, 2009
avapoet says:
I've always wanted to go to Laos. Fascinating-sounding place.

When I first saw the title of this post, I panicked that you might have been *actually* assaulted by a small freckly Thai woman. Then it turned out that you'd paid for the priviledge and All Was Well.
Posted on: Jan 29, 2009
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The rooftop bar
The rooftop bar
Carrot carving...harder than it lo…
Carrot carving...harder than it l…
Coconut chicken soup
Coconut chicken soup
random fruit
random fruit
Lots of herbs!
Lots of herbs!
Chiang Mai
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