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Its a panda's life

Last night was the third night in a row I just couldn't get any sleep. I have no idea why; I've spent plenty of nights in this dorm and have normally slept fine but it's extremely annoying. I'm living on coffee. Despite all that, I had a really good day yesterday. Once I'd finally dragged myself up and had a lukewarm shower I decided to give the zoo a try, seeing as it has a pair of giant panda's and I've never seen one before. So into a Songthaew and off I went. It only cost me about 2 pounds to get in, which is nothing compared to UK zoos.  Once I got in I soon realised I was one of very very few Farang (white foreigners) there. Got a few stares. I almost felt like one of the exhibits at times! I'm getting used to this though, even in places where there are plenty of tourists some of the Thais seem fascinated by us.

Come over here guys! Would you believe what just fell out of my bum?!
Particularly by my skin it seems. In a Songthaew the other day this old woman kept smiling at me and touching my skin, odd indeed.

But yes....the zoo. I was concerned it might be of a lower standard to European zoos and the enclosures too small. But actually, it wasn't too bad and the animals seemed happy enough. I suppose at least they don't have rubbish cold weather to contend with. There were a few animals I haven't seen in UK zoos before: hippopotamus, rhinoceros, malayan sun bears, a white lion and the pandas. Plus a good range of gibbons, crocodiles and australian wildlife. I got as close as I'm probably going to get to a Cassowary and I saw ostriches laying eggs. God those things are stupid! First it laid an egg then wandered off while some of the others pecked at it.

mmm, crunchy crickets
Then it laid a couple more at the top of a slope and watched as they rolled down into a corner, pulling a gormless face, beak wide open. Silly things.

The zoo was on a hill so after a few hours of wandering around I could see why people were driving around the zoo or taking the tourbus. Probably did my legs some good though. So after a visit to the panda's, who were just lying around chewing on bamboo and were even bigger than I expected (though you'd think the clue was in the name) I hopped into a Songthaew back to town. Sunday in Chiang Mai is the night of the biggest market, which I probably mentioned after I did all my souvenir shopping last week. It's tons better than the nightmarket and is mainly full of locals.

Pad Thai...num num.
There are areas full of food vendors, where you can watch them cook up all sorts of things. I saw crickets, grubs, barbequed banana, banana leaves filled with some sort of eggy rice, all sorts of stuff. So I sampled a few things; 'corn mix' which is sweetcorn mixed with butter, sugar and salt, chicken kebab, omelette stuffed with noodles, mango sticky rice and a passionfruit smoothie. All very tasty! Then I treated myself to a foot massage and went jewellery shopping. Silver is ridiculously cheap here and Nick had given me an advance Valentines present of some shopping money. So I got a marcasite ring with a jade stone, a silver bracelet, some silver stud earrings and a couple of cheaper bits of jewellery. Thanks Nick!

Packed my enormous rucksack this morning, which seems even fuller than ever :( and at 5pm it's off to Ayutthaya. Just hope I can get some shut-eye on the train! Sorry if this update is kind of rambly but given my zombified state I think I can be forgiven.

annetterogers12 says:
Think that is where the saying "bird brain" describes those ostrichs!
Posted on: Feb 10, 2009
avapoet says:
Great post. Gotta love those stupid ostriches.
Posted on: Feb 09, 2009
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Its a pandas life
Its a panda's life
Come over here guys! Would you bel…
Come over here guys! Would you be…
mmm, crunchy crickets
mmm, crunchy crickets
Pad Thai...num num.
Pad Thai...num num.
Blind band at the market...really …
Blind band at the market...really…
Why do I look drunk? It wasnt an …
Why do I look drunk? It wasn't an…
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