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On the 4th I waved a rather sad goodbye to Thailand and took a 19hr bus trip to where I am now, Kuala Lumpur. Had a lovely few days with Jesse at the beaches, we did a snorkelling trip and generally relaxed between Ao Nang, Railay and Krabi Town. We arrived in KL at 4:30am yesterday morning, spent a few hours sleeping in a hostel then moved to another in the morning. All we've really done is use the internet to research our Borneo trip and wander around some shopping malls. Mostly because the aircon is delighfully cold! Not terribly sunny here but its very humid and rains occasionally.

I'm already pretty taken with Malaysia, one of the main reasons I chose to come here was the mix of cultures and so far I have not been disappointed! We were picked up from the bus station by an Indian taxi driver, stayed at a Pakistani-run hostel, ate chinese dinner and Malaysian breakfast. Most people seem to speak a bit of English and the language is in Roman script so you can even attempt to pronounce things rather than staring at lots of unfathomable wiggly lines. I left Jesse this morning and have met up with my group for the tour I'm on for the next two weeks. It's an odd bunch; 3 retired australian couples, 2 youngish canadians (one of whom dresses as though he's on some sort of permanent safari, hat and all), an English accountant called Lynda in her early thirties who I'm sharing a room with and a german girl with her aunt. It's odd to be with such a big group of people, I've got used to it being just me and Jesse, or even me alone. I'm sure I'll soon adjust though and they seem nice enough.

So we're off to Melaka tomorrow morning then onto Teman Negara, the oldest rainforest in the world apparently. So some trekking, canopy walkways, waterfalls etc. I suppose one benefit of having some retirees in the group is that the walking won't be too hard going, I mean I coped fine in Kaeng Krachan but it's more humid here which does make a difference. So then various other places including the Perhentian Islands, which look like real postcard material and I'll be back in KL in 2 weeks. A few days after that Jesse is meeting me here and we're heading to Borneo for 12 nights. We hope to dive at Sipadan, one of the best dive sites in the world and do a jungle and river tour at Danum Valley in southern Sabah. Then when we get back, Nick arrives :)

So plenty yet to come, sorry this is rather brief but I've snatched a sneaky few minutes of free internet at the hotel and now I need to get a decent nights sleep! Thats when Malaysian pop idol has finished of course.... (hilarious, imagine pop idol but the songs are sung by Malaysians who don't actually speak English. Sounds like karaoke)

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