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Because I bloody well am! There appears to be no nightlife in Ubud and rather than hostels, its all groups of bungalows which don't have communal areas, so I have met a big total of 0 people so far in Bali. Very weird being back on my own again, so I'm retreating into books, and ooh, blogging! Pretty much decided to do the things I want to do here then head to Kuta, apparently the australian equivalent of Maggaluf *shudder* but at least I'll get to talk to people! I mean there are plenty of westerners around....but they're either middle aged and snooty looking or couples. I mean I have spoken to some people...this nice Balinese guy called Wayan visited my bungalow this morning to show me his paintings (yes, he was selling me stuff, but I didn't really care) so I bought a small one, with yet more birds in. I think every picture I've bought so far has some birds in it somewhere.... But anyway, he chatted to me for a bit, helped me find somewhere less extortionate to stay and then took me to the places I want to go on his motorbike. Which was handy, because its even hotter than Malaysia here. Sweaty! Tomorrow I'm doing a batik course, Friday I'm doing a cookery course and on saturday I'll either do batik again or I'll head off to Kuta. Unless some socialising possibilities crop up here of course....
Today I've wandered about, had a massage and almost got my appetite back. Balinese people seem really nice and here's a weird fact for you...they can only be called one of four names. Two being Wayan and Nyoman, I forget the others. No idea why. Then they have another name, which I suppose differentiates them from all the other Wayans and Nyomans (and yes, this is both men and women). Then, weird again, they have no surnames! Apparently they're all part of one big family, which is the biggest load of hippy crap I've ever heard, but they do actually have no surnames. So yes, weird.
Oh yeh, did I mention that weird hippy I met in Borneo?? The one who had sold his house in Plymouth, taken his wife to give birth to their son in Borneo (who they named Sequoia by the way...poor child) and plans to buy a plot of land in Greece where they're going to live in a Yaourt and grow vegetables. Because they're vegetarian, obviously. Still makes me roll my eyes to think about him, he was quite cool apart from the idealist hippy rubbish really.
Anyway, I've had my little conversation with my blog, and whoever happens to read it, so I can now go to bed and read feeling slightly less pathetic. Night all.
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