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It looks like this!
Well, today I had a thrilling trip to Go Outdoors in Coventry (god Coventry is a dump!) to get my rucksack. Tried a fair few on and the best fitting was a Berghaus Jalan, its 55L with a 15L day bag you can detach. Its bloody enormous! But manageable I hope. It's a bit boring and black though so clearly I shall be decorating it with fabric paint before I go....although perhaps that might make it more desirable to steal? Hmm.
So yup, also got;

-uber strong Deet insect repellent
-insect repellent bracelets
-a mosquito bite reliever which is quite cool (sends a little pulse through it to stop it itching)
-various blister plasters for my wussy feet
-a small foam mat to keep my bum clean and comfy at airports/beaches/generally wet and mucky places

Only need some walking shoes and a Power Monkey now (cool thing which is basically a battery you can use to charge mp3 players, phones etc. It has a solar panel and everything!)
Oh and I got my Thai VISA on Wednesday, £33 for an inky stamp! Also found out about the numerous jabs I've got to have. Shall not bore you but it includes Rabies (you know, for when I get bitten by all those cute cuddly monkeys), Hep B and all the bloody booster things I've been avoiding for the last decade. She tried to give me some on the spot but I cried like a baby at the first mention of a needle so she thought better of it. Shall take my mummy to told my hand, pathetic isn't it.
So yeh, anyway, that was all, 6 weeks to go now and still not touched my Open University course. But I did just make fifty christmas biscuits and iced them badly (seriously, a five year old could do better) which is a far more valuable use of my time :)
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It looks like this!
It looks like this!
photo by: Widget_SFOR