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Greetings lesser spotted Englanders (or Welshers....)

Well here I am on the beautiful Koh Tao and it's rained nearly every bloody day. Pfft! It's the first rain I've seen since I've been in Thailand, which after tomorrow will have been a month and it isn't too bad as long as you don't get caught in it, as it only seems to last about ten minutes. I've been doing my Open Water PADI diving course for the last 3 days and it's going fine. Did two proper dives today and saw a host of amazing fish, including a Moray Eel, a Bannerfish, Angelfish, Wrasse, Mullet and Sergeant fish. It's brilliant. There have been some whale shark sightings at other dive sites today so fingers crossed they're still around when we go there tomorrow. That would absolutely make my trip. My instructor is a lovely English guy called Darren who is very patient and helpful, putting up with me constantly pointing at fish to ask what they are. One of our assistant guides is a chap called Geraint who hails from Aberystwyth so that's pretty cool and he's dead into his wildlife. He impressed me by knowing my tattoos are starlings, whereas Darren thought they were crows or ravens, so super brownie points for Geraint!

Everything is more expensive on Koh Tao. Or down south in general apparently, particularly the islands. The internet here costs the same for five minutes as it did for an hour everywhere else I've been, the food is about twice as expensive and doesn't merit the increase. Even water costs a third more. I'm staying in a proper resort so my room is pretty expensive too but it's right by the beach, I've got two beds to dump my stuff all over and an ensuite, albeit one with a cold shower. Have been very well behaved and spent most nights reading before getting an early night. Possibly because diving is rather tiring. Tonight I'll be watching Rock N Rolla at a local bar and tomorrow night our group is going to have a BBQ to celebrate completing our course. I'm pretty pleased with myself for having gotten through it, it was a little bit scary at first but once I got used to the equipment I was fine.

I'll add to this with pictures once I'm back in a place with cheaper internet but just thought I'd let you all know I'm having a great time, the fish are fantastic and I'll update again soon. Probably off to Krabi next to meet up with Jesse who I met in Kanchanaburi. Think it'll be beaches and maybe a bit of wildlife spotting until Malaysia now. Ta ra for now x

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Koh Tao
photo by: RyanCorrea