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I even made it to the real welcome-sign in Schoonhoven this time!

I actually set out to go to Amsterdam, where an acquaintance was having a performance and invited me over to come see her. But when I left that morning I hadn’t had any information about where I was supposed to be. I decided to get started biking and assumed I would get direction along the way. At least if I wouldn’t hear anything I’d still had a nice trip. And if I had already left Rotterdam then, I’d probably had biked further north. But when I got a message to cancel the appointment, I was still in the centre.

It was a pursuit before I got my new Soho to go as far east as I could manage. I met someone from Arnhem January 2008, who told me how beautiful the eastside of the Netherlands is. I assume everybody talks best about his/her own home, but I was willing to believe him on his account.

Taken from the bridge between Houten and Nieuwegein. This waterway is called Amsterdam-Rijnkanaal. I think...
I’m not so very positive about my own city in the first place, and I have heard people talk about ‘de veluwe’ for years. So... show me! I have been touring on my Giant Boulder MTB through Zeeland, Zuid- and Noord-Holland for years now and those polders were kind of coming out of my nose. And last... I was looking forward on the challenge of touring those Veluwe-hills.

I followed the green route through Krimpen a/d Lek and Lekkerkerk and entered Schoonhoven, the place I had reached rather exhausted about three months ago and slunk off home. But this time I had puff for some more. If it was Soho, the weather, something entirely different of the combination of different factors, I do not know. What I do know is: “Who is on a roll, should not throw in the towel beforehand.

The bridge and view up ahead.
” On top of that, the weather was getting better and better. In the morning it had been rather cloudy, kind of muggy and over the pastures pretty hazy. But after Schoonhoven more pieces of blue kept appearing.

I drove through IJsselstein, Nieuwegein and reach the bike tunnel to Houten. The only things which was getting a problem was the pain in my ass. 67km I had been biking now and I discovered it was 15 o’clock and I was supposed to be home at 19 o’clock. Aaargh! If only I could reach that in time. Well, there is a train station in Houten, so I could have gone back by train. But there still is a little bit of Jewish in me, if I can save myself some money by biking myself, I’ll go for that option first.

The way back was hard, since the only way to avoid my painful spots was sitting on my sable rather strangely, which gave me a backache. So that was not a thing I would be able to hold on for 60km. On the way back I made more stops, but not overdone. While I was resting after 100km, a circus procession came by. I didn’t see any animals, but all kinds of scaffolding, a couple of ‘pipo the clown’-carts, one of them stuffed with costumes as I could see through the window. All drivers were smiling and waving at me, which made me all cheerful. I biked behind them for 5km, but eventually took an alternative road.

I came home just in time for a quick shower and I was so tired!

2 swan couples with young
1 grebe couple with young
1 brooding grebe
2 brooding coots
1 frog crossing the road
1 weasel
1 dragonfly

A strawberry/white chocolat magnum

Ma-Ray says:
Well actually... it´s Dutch, German, French, Jewish, Portuguese mixed together, along with some Italian or Spanish. We haven´t figured out that one yet :D
Posted on: Nov 27, 2008
IndoMaluku says:
I think it's Jewish and Dutch mixed together.. :P
Posted on: Nov 27, 2008
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I even made it to the real welcome…
I even made it to the real welcom…
Taken from the bridge between Hout…
Taken from the bridge between Hou…
The bridge and view up ahead.
The bridge and view up ahead.
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photo by: ppfalz