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The weather is getting colder here, last night was 1 degree, only to get worse......last night I arrived from Dubai later then expected as the window on tbe left side at the cockpit was cracked, we had to turn back after half an hour out of Dubai.....only to leave at 8pm. Now Kabul airport closes at they reopened it for our aircraft to land at cool is that? :) Flying into Kabul at night is not a great idea though :(       

Great party at Koepke last night, Inga was going away for good after being here for 16 months, back to Georgia. I used to work in an international airport but I must say being here has me meeting from all corners of the world! First time I ever met a Macedonian was here too. bunch of people, noisy, singing & dancing away. The number of South Africans here I have met are numerous, most nationalities sticks together, go to the same pub or meet at up very often. Filipinos & Indians are a plenty, Canadians are always friendly (yay we love Canada! :).....I'll post the photos soon......I prefer the kind that doesn't stick together much, makes for more interesting group of people. 

They started a huge bonfire for those who prefer to stand outside(namely smokers) , nice ambience though the smoke smell sticks to everything! Had a really good time last night, takes time to know people, even though I've met them a few times already................

The weather has been better than I expected, was told by now it'll snow. I presume it starts late it'll end later is bright & sunny after the rain last sunny you'd think it's end of summer.......those of us left behind for Xmas & New Year's will start hearing of parties all where shall I go? :)-    

I decided to go to an company that makes 'proper' bread instead of buying it from the shops....this company provides for military places & foreign I presume this happens only in Kabul...I bought 2 loaves of bread & some crossaints, for US19 & had 4 invoices! Computer generated, stamped & signed like I had purchased electronics or something worth more....after walking across the compound to pay, I had to come back & collect the stuff.

 Down to 3 invoices I had to exchange one for the stuff I bought, just as I was leaving, the guards at the gate asked for another invoice, they then checked to make sure I was leaving with the number of pieces as indicated on the invoice. How much security does bread need???

Apparently a lot of stealing & pilferage happens at these places, thus the 4 invoices. Expats & locals alike has stolen from time to time, even absconded with huge sums of money. Such is the drama of buying bread!

Today marks the first snowfall in Kabul.....big fat snowflakes!......Bomb blast near Bagram Air Base today........2 killed....   

The New Year's party at Rumi was quite happening......of course people were drinking, smoking & doing way too much weed, but it was good by Kabul standards.

The music sucked! Techno has never been my just gives me a headache.....nodding your head to the same thumping beat does not constitute dancing.....maybe that's why they needed to get drunk or high :) I'd be surprised if no one in that neighbourhood was not aware there's a huge party going on....the music was loud! It's a party with guards & machine guns.....first time for everything I suppose.      

Zoran's birthday party on 22nd Jan was like a Balkan party :)...they are so fun.....even though they may have met each other(in some case) for the first time. Most of the former Yugoslav state people get along fine, Serbs, Croatians, Macedonians etc.....some may have fought each other at some point but here in Kabul, they bond over songs, cuisine & dance.

One would think they are the same people. We partied till 4am...friends who have seen our party photos does not believe that we are pasrtying in Kabul.....::)....

Coming home last night we were stopped at our turning by the military, they flash a green light from a distance to make vehicles stop. We were by the roadside for a good 15 minutes as a convoy of about 30 military vehicles from trucks to tank came by on the other side of the road. Coming from Singapore the only time I see such a display is on National Day....:).......very interesting indeed....

I was invited by a close colleague to dinner at his family home, his wife has been asking for me to come visit for a while now. It was very nice of them, the wole family (3 generations) stayed in an apartment, his parents, his brother & sister, his wife & kids.

It was a comfortable home, they were so welcoming, I was a little overwhlemed initally as it was the first time we met. His mom & wife was disappointed we could not really talk to each other, we had to get him to translate everytime :)

They had quite a spread for me, it was so sweet of them & his kids are adorable. It was the first time I've been to a local household & I must say that they are very hospitable, warm & welcoming. They welcomed me like a member of the family, suffice to say I shall be back for another visit but I am cooking this time :):)

On Friday I had lunch at my friend's sister's place, this family is so affectionate! Lots of hugs & kisses exchanged between the different generations, I am very happy to see this.

Like most people who come to Afghanistan we have certain perceptions about the culture, the restrictions etc, but happily I see the affection between cousins, parents and even friends. The patriach is 87 years old, he is still a little conservative in terms of how the girls dress, he does not require the burqa but he scolded one of the grand daughters about her neckline :)...:):).....and like everywhere else in the world, the kids push the limits.

We visited a cemetery close to the mountains after lunch, to pay respects to Mitra's(my friend's wife) late mother, it's obvious that she misses her mom :( her mother passed away 2 weeks after coming back from Haj 2 years ago. The cemetery goes up the side of the mountain, with the poor living at the top of the mountain, they carry water in buckets all the way up.  

nanie05 says:
Great blog! Its nice that we get to see the other side of Kabul..the day to day living of the locals and expats there!
Posted on: Jun 26, 2009
princess_bakes says: are so right about that....! It can get pretty wild...:)
Posted on: Feb 22, 2009
camsuk76 says:
Most people have no idea that Kabul, has or would have a nite life. Sweet isn't it?
Posted on: Feb 21, 2009
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