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Poor Jo!
Woke up 7am but dozed on and off til 8:15am when I finally got up. I'd packed up all my stuff last night so it was a very easy and relaxing start. We finally pulled out at about 9:30am and dropped Cat and Jo off at their new accomodation. Hopefully Jo will be feeling a bit better by the time we seem them again in Cape Town as she is still experiencing intense pain at the moment. Had lunch at a lonely desert camp called Solitaire, then continued to Sessriem where we arrived at around 4pm. Just as we pulled in I saw what I thought was dust from another truck billowing in through the window, but after inhaling it for a few seconds I realised it was chemical smoke coming from the 12V adaptor point about 10cm from my head! I jumped up and we soon realised there was smoke billowing out the side of the truck too! The whole electrical circuit was melting as it apparently didn't have a fuse to cut out when it began to overheat. Anyway. The camp was a hot dry dustbowl with sand constantly being blown around in the wind. There was nothing to do so I played Uno with Tammy, Simon, Alex and Rosie for a while then played Sammy's poker with Tam. Dinner was the fish that Lee and Dad had caught on their fishing trip yesterday. Poor Arja and Odin were left to do it all themselves as Sue buggered off to the bar - what a rude bitch! Only served to heighten my feeling of contempt for her. I understand she doesn't eat fish but there were plenty of other things to help prepare including sausages for the two of us. Everyone is completely sick of the sight of her and a number of people commented on her noticeable absence from cooking duty. Anyway. After tea I was on utensils duty then played poker before heading to bed 11-11:30pm. There were several jackals running closely around the camp.
skippyed says:
I think I might give sandboarding a miss!!
Posted on: Mar 10, 2009
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Poor Jo!
Poor Jo!
photo by: WorldXplorer