Sweating and swimming lessons

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Woke up at the very leisurely hour of 7:30am and lay around for a bit before getting up. Had a nice breakfast then went and sat on a deckchair in the sand, where the breeze was greatest. It's very humid here. Had a few swims; the tide was very far out. Had lunch at Afri Cafe - tomato soup with bread (yum) and french fries (pretty yuck). After lunch Jenni and I took Susan for a swimming lesson. She looked very cute with her swimming cap on over her dreads! First we taught her doggy paddle, then how to float on her back, then freestyle, how to float on her tummy, and by the end she could even kind of do a forward somersault! It was so much fun, and Susan had a great time too. Eventually Sam came in too, even though he was afraid of the water (Jacob point-blank refused - he is absolutely TERRIFIED of the water). He was very good at being a submarine and swimming underwater but not so good at floating! Oh, we taught Susan how to blow bubbles too, and tried to teach her backstroke. I got very burnt from being in the water for so long. After swimming I had a nice cool shower and washed my hair. For tea we had a nice beef stew with delicious mashed potatoes that Adrian had made, and beans and carrots and coleslaw. Yummy! Sat around talking for a while, especially with Sam about all his near misses or actual accidents with vehicles, then headed to bed.
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