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Got up 7:15am, had a crap yet included breakfast, then took a minivan to Nungwi, a beachy area on the northern tip of Zanzibar, for TSh10,000. It only took about an hour. When we got there we found out the room available for us all was 2 double beds - so two in each bed - and for the rip off price of US$80! (We had been quoted $30 for a double room when we booked...). We were right pissed off. Anyway, the guy said he wouldn't budge so we went to have a quick look elsewhere, but unfortunately headed the wrong way up the beach so couldn't find anywhere with a vacancy. When we came back the guy said our room had been taken (the whole thing reeked of extreme dodginess). Only after we got back in the minivan to drive off did the manager relent and say we could have the room. We didn't figure we had a choice to we took it, but I was in a supremely bad mood about getting majorly ripped off. Especially because when we went back to the desk, we were asked what room we would like...uhhh 5 seconds ago there was no rooms available at all!!! Very dodgy. After checking in we sat on the beach for awhile, then had a nice lunch - I had a beef fajita with chips and salad and a non-alcoholic cocktail. Went for a swim after lunch where we saw a poor old man who had cut his nose on the coral and was bleeding everywhere. Saw women in full Muslim attire wading into the water with buckets to collect gaga (small fish) to dry out and preserve for eating when fish supplies ran low in the future. In the evening had tea at Fat Fish right on the water. I had vegetable coconut curry, a passionfruit juice and a sex on the bar cocktail. It was a great place to sit and watch the sunset. Afterwards I checked my email for 30min then we had an icecream before going to sit on the beach. Eventually some people called us over to sit with them, including an Israeli guy called Opas who was a dive instructor, an Israeli couple on their honeymoon, a girl from Melbourne called Kate, and a hotel manager called James from England. They gave us some Komyagi (gin in a sachet...very classy!) with Sprite which was strong and gross. Forgot to mention there were 'Vagine Bloody Marys' on the menu today, haha! Anyway, Opas invited us back to his house for some drinks so we went for a bit. It was a bit scary though as it was a fairly long way down a very dark section of beach. We stayed for awhile listening to guitar music around the backyard bonfire before heading back to Jambo Brothers as I was starting to feel sick. A South African guy walked us back which was nice of him. Anyway, I hadn't been in bed 10min when I needed to go to the toilet. I had only just lifted the toilet seat when I vomited violently everywhere, including all over my legs from above the knees down, and all over the floor. Bon came in and patted me on the back which was nice of her. After I'd finished that I used the water sprayer and scraper to wash the vomit away and semi clean the toilet (of course it didn't flush...did I mention we were ripped off?) before sitting on it and expunging myself from the other end...I felt horrendous. Bon helped me brush my teeth and wash my hands (by the stage the water supply had been turned off for the night....???) with bottled water. It was also very uncomfortable to sit on the toilet as the front part of the seat had been broken off, leaving two very jagged sharp edges. Other dodgy things about the room included the fact the air con didn't work until ~2am, when it worked too well and left us shivering, the showerhead holder had broken so you had to hold it when showering, and the shower drained onto the toilet floor so you were constantly stepping in a gross puddle...urgh! Oh and the fan only sporadically worked too - so basically the whole thing was ultra dodgy. Fell asleep afterwards and didn't wake up needing to go again thankfully. Exhausting though!
skippyed says:
What an aweful hotel and being sick in such an aweful hotel makes it worse. I guess it was the food or water that upset you?
Posted on: Feb 16, 2009
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