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It's taken me 7 months to write on here about this day because it was so awful.

Woke up 7:20am to the worst start to the day imaginable. Dad was in an unconscionably bad, no, foul mood and his first remark to me was, when I was still groggy with sleep 'Well, I guess I'll do my own thing today then since you seem to have yours organised', said in a viper-tongued tone of course.


I won't write the rest of what he said but I was basically left wracking with sobs.

Anyway, at the end of his tirade, Dad told me he was going to catch the City Sightseeing bus at 10am and I could do what I wanted. Which of course meant I had no say at all, and that was exactly what I would be doing too. My eyes were red and swollen with crying so I washed my face, put my sunglasses on and followed him out. As usual he pretended like nothing had happened, no apology or anything, while I was trying to hide the tears slipping from under my sunnies and trailing down my face. I couldn't stop crying for absolutely ages, I was so so upset.

Eventually I recovered enough to be able to smile normally without being all thin-lipped, but inside I felt cold, shivery and dead. It took me quite a while to be able to appreciate the sights and look around. The first spot we got to was the base of Table Mountain but we decided not to do the cable car as the top was covered in clouds. We then headed around to stunning Camps Bay, playground of beach babes and millionaires including Prince Harry and Robbie Williams. It was a gorgeous day and without realising it I quickly got sunburnt on my nose and shoulders.

We also went past Clifton and Sea Point. At Clifton they had funiculars to take people from the beach up to their houses! Amazing. The lifts were the size of telephone boxes so I'm sure could only fit one person at a time. Green Point was where we drove past next, the location for the 2010 Soccer World Cup opening ceremony and one of the semi-finals. It looked like a very impressive structure. We then passed the gorgeous Somerset Hospital before disembarking at the Victoria & Alfred (V & A) Waterfront at the Nelson Mandela Gateway to Robben Island. We purchased tickets for the following day at 10am (R180) then had a look at the small museum. The gift shop was really nice. We looked around the souvenir shops nearby too which had lots of interesting things for sale.

After that it was back on the bus to Green Market Square craft market. There were plenty of nice things but I'd mostly seen them elsewhere in Africa already. We had lunch there, which was just average, then walked to the Slave Lodge Museum. It only cost R15 each to get in which was a bargain considering the size of the place and the quality of the exhibits. The one about Steve Biko, a travelling exhibit, was particularly interesting as I hadn't previously known too much about him besides the fact he was a black activist killed whilst under police custody in very dodgy circumstances. We didn't even see the 2nd floor of the museum as we were running out of time (it was almost 3pm) and wanted to see the District 6 Museum. When we made it there it was unfortunately already closed (open til 3pm Mon, 4pm Tue-Sat, closed Sun) - attempt #3 to see it would be made tomorrow. We caught the bus back to our hostel then, and I went almost straight to sleep; I was exhausted and my knees had been giving me a lot of trouble from the word go today.

At 7:30pm we both felt sufficiently recuperated to head out to dinner, and finally found an upmarket burger place on Long St that had a gorgeous seating area upstairs; called Royale Eatery. I had a 500mL milo + banana thickshake, and a 'cosa nostra' beef burger which had mediterranean roasted veggies, tomato pesto, mozarella, and potato wedges with sweet chilli + sour cream. It only came to R84 total which was a bargain considering how delicious it was - the best burger I've ever had, and one of the best milkshakes too! Finished up there around 10pm and headed to use the internet on the corner of Park + Kloof St (only R10/hr after 8pm). I sent a heart-felt email to Mum about what I felt was the final dissolution of the relationship between me and Dad. Headed back to the hostel after using the internet; bed 11:30pm.

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