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i arrived in dehli around 9:20pm....the only bummer about that is that for some reason i told mark i was getting in at 11:20pm. i think i saw 21:30 and just told him 11:30...not the smartest thing, but oh well! i hung out in the airport, got some money, got my SIM card & just chilled out starting to absorb the culture.

mark got me right around 11:30 and we started the drive to vrindavan. i didn't realize it was 3 hours away from the airport! needless to say, i was definitely pooped -but it was so much fun to catch up with mark & start checking out india. we didn't see too much driving - but man, there were a TON of HUGE trucks everywhere, lots of dust & piles of trash along the street. i know i haven't even really seen anything yet - but there was definitely a striking difference between this & everything else i've seen.

we stopped at a outdoor restaurant thing in the middle of the trip for our driver to get a bite to eat. it was cool. it looked like a lot of the restaurants i've seen in southeast asia....outdoor kitchen thing with HUGE pots of different bubbling liquids...but now instead of thai or vietnamese food, it all obviously smelled of delicious indian spices. i wasn't even hungry but i had to try something! so, we got some naan, some roti & then some yummy cheese in spicy sauce dish that we just soaked up with our naan & roti. YUM. it was great!

oh one thing that i thought was kind of interesting when we were driving to vrindavan, were all the police check points. we drove by one & they made us pull our car over. i'm not exactly sure what was going on, but mark wasn't worried at all. it was SO great being there with him...he speaks hindi & it definitely worked well for us! you could see the policeman's face change the minute mark started speaking. so anyway, the police guy talked to our driver for a little while...mark thought he was going to try to bribe him for money or something....again, i'm still not sure exactly what was happening....but we left a few minutes later & it was all good.
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New Delhi
photo by: spocklogic