#74 - First full day in Luang Prabang - Monks, Museum, Massage & My New Lao Friends :)

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monks giving alms

I got up SUPER early to check out the monks giving alms in the morning.  I actually woke up WAY before I needed to & headed outside (and since I had stayed up watching that stupid movie the night before, I actually didn't sleep that much!)  It was so funny, the minute I stepped out of my guesthouse, I felt like I was jumped on by this lady who was selling rice to give to the monks.  I was so out of it & I didn't really have a good handle of the money (Kip - which has so many zeros, & you feel like a millionaire b/c it's 8500 kip to every dollar!!) so I'm not even sure how much money I gave her.  But whatever, it was cool sitting on the ground & as the monks went by, putting some rice into their pots.

  This is how they get the food they eat for the day.  So interesting.  Every day at 6:30 the same thing happens...Sara referred to it as the "Saffron Circuit" and it's so appropriate since all the monks in their saffron robes make their rounds.

After that, I went back to the guesthouse & crashed for a few hours!  When I finally woke up I explored a little bit more of the town.  I hit the Royal National Museum and really enjoyed it!  The walls inside are GORGEOUS - it's all these mosaics made of glass that tell a bunch of stories.  And they are HUGE, all over the walls.  I wish I could have taken pictures, but they don't let you bring anything in. 

When I finished at the museum, I have to say - I was craving some pizza.

  Jeff, from Railey beach, mentinoed that Laos had great pizza and it was stuck in my mind.  Apparently because of the French influence, the crust was supposed to be delicious.  So, I went to the highly recommended Pizza Luang Prabang & indulged in a pizza with chicken and sweet basil on it.  It really was delicous.  I felt somewhat guilty that I was in Laos & I wasn't eaten traditional Lao food, but I was also very happy with my choice!!!  :)

After pizza my plan was to check out the traditional Lao massage.  After all, I don't think I'd had a massage in at least a day, so I needed to fix that situation.  The Lonely Planet recommended Khmu Massage and I can't tell you how happy I am that I decided to go there!!!!  Not only for the great massage, but this is where I met two local Lao guys who ended up being my buddies for the rest of my time here.

inside my favorite wat
  Basically, I went to pay for my massage and had to pay at the travel agency where Vithoun and San work.  I ended up chatting with them for awhile and they were just so hilarious.  They had the best senses of humor and we got along great from the start.  Before I left there that night we had each other cell phone numbers programmed into our cell phones.  Also, Vithoun asked me if I wanted to go to a wedding with him on Saturday!!  At first, I thought it was a tourist thing...you know - go see waterfalls, take a boat trip to the caves, or see a lao wedding.  :)  But seriously, he was going to his friend's wedding in a village an hour outside of LP on Saturday & he said if I had time, that I should go with him.
My massage place! :)
  I had been thinking I would take a cooking class on Saturday, but the second I heard about the wedding I adjusted my plans!  How cool!  I was a bit afraid at first because he said we'd go by motorbike....but I figured this was an opportunity I just couldn't pass up. 

When my massage was done I was SOOOOO tired from my day.  I ended up going back to the Sayo guesthouse and crashing.  I decided I was going to move guest houses the next day because there was some weird machine that kept making loud noises right behind my bathroom.  My friend Allie, from Pai, had stayed in Phousi Guesthouse #1, so I figured I  would try there.  It turned out to be cheaper than where I was staying & a bit nicer.

bought some green tea from this darling girl...after i bought it..."lamp shade, madam"..."madam want to buy lamp shade - give discount". she was quite the sales lady.
  The bed wasn't *quite* as comfortable, but I really liked the feel of the place - so in the morning - I was going to switch.

I did a good job tonight of not turning on the t.v. and just going straight to sleep!  Actually, I'm reading a great book - When Heaven and Earth Changed Places - recommended to me by Michelle Lapinski before I left on my trip.  It's about Vietnam & I've actually been reading that before I go to bed every night....it's a fascinating book & I'm glad I'm reading it before I head into Vietnam.

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monks giving alms
monks giving alms
inside my favorite wat
inside my favorite wat
My massage place!  :)
My massage place! :)
bought some green tea from this da…
bought some green tea from this d…
i just thought it was funny that i…
i just thought it was funny that …
JOMA!!  best coffee.  :)
JOMA!! best coffee. :)
one of the only ATMs - i *think* t…
one of the only ATMs - i *think* …
the bamboo bridge!!
the bamboo bridge!!
sign for big brother mouse
sign for big brother mouse
I bought some pillow case covers f…
I bought some pillow case covers …
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