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Luang Prabang airport!

khwan, my new chaing mai best friend, drove me to the airport today. so so so so sweet. it was a nice way to leave the country!

i took a lao airlines flight into luang prabang. wow - never been on a noisier airplane in my life. i felt like i could here every time the pilot stepped on the gas (i don't even think planes work that way, but that's what it sounded like) anyway! i arrived safely and was very excited to check out luang prabang.

i can already tell it's such a quaint, adorable, chill, amazing place. the people are so friendly, there are monks walking around everywhere, street stalls of all sorts of food, and it's all right on the meekong & the nam (i think that's right?) river. the only bummer is that i'm here in burning season. remember those fires i talked about in pai? well, they are doing a lot of burning in northern thailand & burma (to get ready for planting season) and it creates a constant haze over the town.

My first dinner at the night market - chicken, fish, sticky rice & beer!
to be honest, it makes it feel somewhat dream-like, so it's kind of cool. kind of similar to how fog is cool in san francisco. but, i think i will have to come back during a time where i can see clear skies - i can imagine that it is spectacularly gorgeous. it's a different kind of beauty right now - still beautiful, just a bit cloudy/smokey.

i also just realized how comfortable i had gotten with the thai language....now i have to switch and learn a new language!!

okay, so here's everything i learned in thai:
sa wa dee kah - hello
korp kum kah - thank you
la gon - good bye
chok dee - good luck
mai pen rai - no worries!
chai - yes
mai chai - no
mai on ka - no thank you (i don't need, thanks)
soy ee - beautiful

so the first thing i did when i got to my guest house was ask how to say a bunch of phrases...here's what i've got to work with for now:
sa ba dee - hello
kopp jai - thank you
kopp jai lai lai - thank you very much
la gon - good bye (same as thai)
bow ben nyang - no problem (like mai pen rai)
jau - yes
boh - no
ngaam - beautiful
soi ngaam - that is beautiful

okay, i'm off to rent a bike and explore this cute little place! i saw the monks giving alms this morning (bought some sticky rice & banana & participated in the process for a bit too) and had a GREAT breakfast and delicious coffee at Joma (thanks Jeff from Railey beach for the recommendation!!!) i plan to see the waterfalls, the pak au caves & i also want to check out the volunteering opportunities at big brother mouse & my library. so, that's what i'm thinking right now. we'll see what happens.


SO, for the rest of the day i just wandered around.  hit the night market & stumbled upon this alleyway where they serve all sorts of food.  it's kind of like a big BBQ for everyone.  i got some chicken & sticky rice & grabbed a seat at one of the long picnic tables.  it wasn't long before everyone who had sat down at the table began chatting.  the usual, "where are you from", "when did you get here", "where have you been", "where are you going" kind of stuff.  i sat next to a very nice girl from taiwan & her name was starry.  she was adorable.  she had purchased one of the gorgeous fish that were on the grill & a beerlao.  she shared both we me & i contributed some sticky rice to our little makeshift picnic of sorts.  the other guy sitting with us was jacques from france (i actually can't remember his name now - but that sounds appropriate).  he was hilarious and just a kick to talk to.  after dinner, i just wandered some more around the night market & headed back to my hotel.  i was going to go right to sleep & then made the mistake of turning the t.v. on.  FIRST, i got sucked into "She's All That"in thai...and then i got sucked into some awful kevin bacon movie where he is a scientist and he makes himself invisible and then freaks out & starts killing all his colleauges.  i actually stayed up and watched the whole thing.  so stupid.  ANYWAY!  that was my first night in luang prabang.  :)

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Luang Prabang airport!
Luang Prabang airport!
My first dinner at the night marke…
My first dinner at the night mark…
Luang Prabang
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