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Well, I didn't leave.  I decided to have one more day in this very cool little town.  I had such a fun experience last night & feel like I really got to see what the town was about (beyond just the smoke) & I wanted more time here.  It took me 3 - 4ish hours to get here - so I wanted to take more advantage of it.

So, I met up with Allie for breakfast at this AWESOME place.  I had cinnamon pineapple pancakes!!!  And yes, I took a picture of them.  They were SOOOO GOOD.  And the coffee was great too!  Perfect.

I then set about arranging to be here for the day - changed my accomodation (I wasn't in love with mine) to where Allie is staying, cancelled my reservation in Chiang Mai & changed my reservation for the mini-van back to Chiang Mai.

  Done and done.  The only bummer is that I'm missing the Sunday market in Chiang Mai - I've heard it's awesome & not to be missed.  But this place is pretty special too.  And I guess you can't do everything right?

Anyway, I decided to give the motorbike a whirl again & I headed out to the waterfalls!  The drive out there was GREAT.  I loved it - feeling super comfortable riding on the bike and the whole left-hand side of the road is no problem at all after NZ.  The ride out to the falls was my favorite part - it was so cool to see all the tiny little thatch houses & fields & it's just so rural Thailand.  The waterfall wasn't that impressive - but it was great to see a bunch of Thai kids playing in the water.

  I chilled there for a bit and then headed back to Pai.

This is when I had my little, what I'm calling, "motorbike experience".  Okay, so you need to know, first of all - that I'm okay.  I'm totally fine.  No broken bones or anything like that.  Just a couple little scrapes and bumps.  :)  Yes, I fell over on my bike.  I know it sounds bad - but it really wasn't that terrible.  I was comign down a hill and I saw some cool ox-like creatures that I just had to take a picture of, so I decided to stop.  Well, downhill on a motorbike where there's some dirt is not the best place to slow down & stop I found out.  I ended up skidding just a tad bit and falling down.  It was totally like my little fall on the bike on the Otago Central Rail Trail.

  I checked to make sure I was all okay, talked myself down & then got back on the bike.  BUT - at first, the bike wouldn't start.  Holy shit.  What was I going to do if I was stuck on a little road outside of Pai?!?  Well, I did work out a couple options in my head, and just then THANK GOD  - it STARTED!!!  So, let's just say I wasn't sad when I had to go turn it in.  I defintiely loved riding it - and I would do it again for sure (not sure if in Chiang Mai or not) - but I was ready to not be riding it anymore today!

After my little bike trip - I met up with Allie and we went to Fluid - this awesome POOL.   It felt so nice to just chill out.  It gets SO hot during the day that it's best to lay low.  So that's what we did.

kara, i thought you would love this!
  Met a bunch of cool people & just chilled by the pool.  Funny thing though - I didn't have my bathing suit with me - I didn't think to pack it when I came to Pai (I left most of my stuff back in CM).  SOOO - there I was in my black underwear & black tank top, swimming in the pool.  Not too bad.  I really cared ZERO percent. 

What a great day!!  Then, on the way back into "town", I ran into Sandy & Otto - the two folks who were on my mini-van out here.  They have a shop here & Otto is an artist.  It was great to see them.

And now, I'm updating my blog.  I figured I would take advantage of this awesome internet shop.  So, I'll do this for a couple more minutes, then I need a massage.  :)  Not only because it's what I do here - but I think my body could use it after the little "experience" I had today!

Anyway - it's been a lot of fun hanging out with Allie & I think we'll go out to dinner & then check out the bar scene again later.  FUN!

Korp kum kaaaaaaaa!!!!  :)

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kara, i thought you would love thi…
kara, i thought you would love th…
photo by: Stevie_Wes