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feb 28th:
i had heard so much about this place from whoever i had talked to who had been to thailand!  so, i finally made it here....after a bus ride to krabi, a cab ride to ao nang (i think i got ripped off on that one & could have done the travel differently - oh well!) and then 2 long boat rides.  should have been 1 long boat ride, but i got off in tonsai beach by mistake the first time.  shoot!  so i had to pay another 50 baht (about $1.50 - so not too bad of a mistake) to get to railey!  i'm actually glad i made the mistake because i ended up meeting some nice people in the boat - patrick & heidi (who are staying in tonsai for 3 months) & heidi's mom, linda.   i actually ended up running into linda later in the day (patrick & heidi were climbing), so i had a drink with her.

  such a nice lady!  then, patrick & heidi joined us for a bit.  anyway...enough of that...railey is GORGEOUS!!!  limstone cliffs, white sands, emerald green water - VERY pretty.

i'm actually staying in a somewhat fancy schmancy place....i guess all the places on railey west are nicer & the beach is nicer, so it's a bit more expensive than railey east & over on tonsai.  i decided to sort of treat myself to 2 nights at the nice place & i'll move to a less expensive one for my last 2 nights.

so, my first day in railey wasn't that eventful....just got my bearings, ate some food, and hung out at the pool. 

march 1: 
i had SUCH a GREAT day!!!  i kind of challenged myself NOT to do much today.

  i found myself getting all worked up by - what should i do - kayak?  climb? dive? hike? etc, etc....SO instead....i did a little meditating & yoga in the morning, hung out at the pool and READ alllllll day (i am finally about to finish a book i've been carryign with me for 3 months!  beach music, it's beautiful - i just haven't had as much time for reading as i thought i would!!!).  okay, and i decided to get a massage at the nice spa.  it cost me $25 - which is actually very pricey for thai massages - but it was totally worth it.  :) 

the weather was very mellow today - defintiely a lot of cloud coverage, so it was a nice break from the intense heat.  it really was such a good day of being in the ocean, being in the pool, & reading in my lounge chair!!

again, i hope to be able to upload pictures soon  - it is quite amazing here!!!  definitely more crowded than it was in phuket & at first i wasn't into how many people were here, but i've settled into it & it's AWESOME!!!!  :)

i went to this little party thing on the beach outside one of the restaurants - got some pad thai, a spring roll & a singha.

  it was very mellow just sitting on the beach...and we were all actually watching this crazy lightening storm in the distance.  VERY cool!!!  i ended up meeting the nicest guy....he is actually the drummer in the Blue Man Group!!  so hilarious!!  AND he worked on the episode that they did for arrested development.  how cool is that?  he told me he actually hasn't watched the show, so i OF COURSE told him he needed to run & out & rent it.

anyway, we hung out at that party/at the bar & it was such a fun night!!!  it was such a treat to meet him, he's hilarous & so interesting & i can't wait to check out the blue man group in chicago (that's the show he does).  oh - & so funny - he was actually in the band EXPOSE in the 80s!  remember, "taking me, to the point of no return".


march 2nd:
i ran into jeff (the drummer guy) this morning & we decided to go on the crazy hike/scramble to the lagoon & to the lookout point.  it was such a great hike!!  you definitely had to do some scrambling along the way & there were some pretty big ascents & descents!  i felt very cool doing it.  :)  i was such a mess though - i had red mud/dirt ALLLL over my legs, my shorts & my shoes.  getting down to the lagoon was very cool though!!!  it was gorgeous, such a cool spot.  and people had made all these little sculptures out of mud.  after the lagoon, we went to the lookout where you can see all of railey - SO beautiful!!!!  we climbed on down & then went over to the beach on the other side (i can't remember the name), went for a swim (it was SO needed by that point!), and saw the funny cave that has all these phallic statues.

..it's good luck for fisherman to put those statues there or something. 

after our little adventure, i came back and actually finished my book!!!!  huge accomplishment!  and i'm so glad i now get a bit more space in my backpack.  :)  there was this CRAZY rainstorm while i was sitting on my little deck reading my book.  it was VERY needed because it defintiely broke all the humidity!! 

i grabbed dinner with jeff again.  we ordered VERY well.  morning glory, minced chicken salad & red snapper with spicy sauce.  YUMMMMMM!!!!! 

march 3rd:
great morning - did yoga, 8 minute abs (i think it's the 2nd time i've done them in 3 months!  oops!  :) ), some bootcamp excercies & meditated for about 15 minutes.

  felt like such a good way to start the day!  :)  i arranged to do some rock climing later today!  i'm very excited!  from doing the little climb to the lagoon yesterday i can tell how cool it will be to climb on limestone. 

i'm kind of sad that i booked my ticket out for tomorrow.  i just checked to see if i can change it - but i can't.  :(  i seem to have this problem most places i go though...i always wish i could stay longer!  i'm sure i will be happy that i have more time in chiang mai & laos - so i know it all will work out.  okay, off to have my last full day in railey.   i'm hoping that maybe i can climb tomorrow morning too before i go.  kind of kicking myself for not climbing sooner - but i think i really did just need a day or two of completely chilling.

  oh well,  can't do anything about it now except enjoy the climbing today & try to get some in tomorrow too!!!

OKAY - so i am actually SO glad i saved climbing for the last day - I honestly don't think i could have done it for more than one day without a couple days rest in between.  and the rest would mainly be for my poor legs & knees because i got SO many bruises.  as jay, my climbing guide said though - "no pain no gain" (in a great Thai accent, I loved it).  anyway!  for the one day i did climb, it was a ton of fun!  they have this section on railey east where they take a lot of their beginner classes - so there were a bunch of other groups there as well.  it was fun to watch a bunch of people climbing up on different parts of the wall!  in my group it was benny & steyan (not sure how you spell that), i think they were both from norway, and me.

  they made me do each of the climbs first...because as you know, ladies first. :)  it ended up being a good thing b/c i didn't have time to psych myself out of a climb...and then i also didn't feel as bad if it took me a long time because i didn't see them easily scamper up it first!  :)  ANYWAY!  i did manage to get four good climbs in...there was only one were i just could not make it to the top.  i tried & tried, but then my arms just gave out.  and I KNOW, you aren't supposed to use your arms...i know what i'm supposed to do...it's just hard to always do it.  so, it was defintiely an awesome thing to do & i am glad i got a chance to try out those limestone walls!  :)

after the climb, i was definitely pooped!  i ended up just chilling on the beach for awhile.

  that water is just so delicious!!

i headed out to the beach, outside the flaming tree restaurant to watch the sun set.  they had set up all these little bamboo mats - very cute.  that's where i befriended stephan from england.  super nice guy, who come to think of it, looked like vin diesel or someone like that.  such a cool guy!   we were sitting outside the flaming tree when it started to DOWN POUR - so we headed inside to finish our beer.  i was happy to hear he hadn't eaten dinner yet either because i was STARVING at that point.  he mentioned an indian restaurant on the railey east side that he heard was supposed to be good...so sounded like a great idea to me.  i had originally wanted to go over to ton sai to check it out - but since it was raining a ton & the boat ride over & back might be a pain, i figured it would be fun to hang out with stephan in railey east.

   it was so crazy, walking over to the east side...it is SOOO different than the west.   not totally sure how to describe it - defintiely a bit grungier - but i'm not saying that in a snotty kind of way.  just has a completely different feel!  i guess railey east is like staying in mexico on your own, on some small beach somewhere & railey west is like staying in mexico at a resort - that's the best analogy i can come up with.

dinner was DELICIOUS.  and i have to say, i was excited to eat something other than thai food - that is all i have had since i've been here.  so it was a nice change of pace.  stephan was a lot of fun to talk to!  we met this french couple so we spoke with them for awhile.

..stephan speaks much better french than i do - but again, merci beaucoup to madame maier from high school - she hooked me up - it was fun to have a conversation in french with a french couple and an english guy in thailand!

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photo by: Mezmerized