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i'm pretty behing on updating my blog - i just haven't had as much time & as good of internet access recently, so bear with me!
here's the overview of today - i will come back & write more soon.  :)
- got up super early & made it to the Grand Palace/Emerald Buddha right when they opened - very cool stuff - enjoyed walking around, taking it all in, but man - it was HOT
- went to Wat Po & saw the reclining buddha & then headed straight for the massage place  :)  i'm loving the thai massages so much
- then, decided to go see the Royal Barges....omg - what an adventure.  i ended up walking down these crazy "streets", over wooden planks & pools of mud, through people's backyards, etc. to get there.

  there were all these signs that said "Royal Barges Museum" with an arrow, but each time i couldn't believe that was the way it was sending me.  there was always someone there who obviously knew tourists walking through there when they saw them saying "royal barges" and shaking their heads "yes" - so i finally made it there & they were definitely impressive & i'm glad i did it...there were just a few moments where the thought went through my head "i'm in some random, back alley in the middle of bangkok & no one knows where i am".  sorry mom. :)  it turns out of course it was totally safe, it was just definitely not what i was expecting.
- then i took the "express" boat down the river to get closer to my hotel....it was SO crowded it was hilarious
- i was planning to go back to my hotel, shower & get ready to go out to the moon bar, but there really wasn't time - it takes so long to get places around bangkok that i just decided to go straight there
- so.
...by the time i took the sky train to a taxi to a LONG couple blocks walk, i definitely felt gross.  so, it was so funny - i went into the hotel gift shop & pretended to try on different perfumes, lotions, etc...i just did it to make me smell at least a little bit better!
- then moon bar - HILARIOUS night.  first i befriended this german couple in the elevator, they were very sweet & asked me to sit with them at the bar...so i hung out with them for awhile until they left to go to dinner
- when they left though, they had this confrontation with these 2 adorable gay men at the bar - i didn't understand what was going on, but apparently the woman was saying something very vulgar & rude in german & one of the guys could not stand for it anymore
- anyway, so then i ended up hanging out with those guys for awhile before they went to dinner
- then, as i was leaving the bar to go back to my hotel and watch "Happy Feet" (i'm not lying - i had borrowed it from the front desk & was going to watch it - i know, so lame for being in bangkok, but i didn't really want to go out late by myself)
- BUT then, met these 2 very nice guys in the elevator (both cathay pacific pilots - and actually one of them knew someone i had met in New Zealand!  remember the biking group i kept running into in the catlains?  anyway, there was a cathay pacific pilot in that group to) - anyway - they invited me to dinner.
yes, i'm on stage at one of the bangkok bars. :)
...so i went....we ended up at this great thai restaurant called "cabbages & condoms".  hilarious.  and then, we hit the nana plaza - yes, the totaly girlie bar section of town.  it was just so funny & there's no WAY i would have done anything like that on my own. it was definitely an experience to check out!
- so, my night of going home to watch "happy feet" turned out VERY VERY different!!!

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yes, im on stage at one of the ba…
yes, i'm on stage at one of the b…
photo by: Deats