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Larry & a crayfish!

I've decided I'm going to stop writing down what day # I am on!  I don't really need to know that!  :)

Anyway, this morning I got up and did a BEAUTIFUL run along Sumner beach & went allllllll the way up the hill towards Taylors Mistake (I think that's what it's called...Taylor if you are reading this - what did you do there?!?  ;) )  ANYWAY, after that, had a little time on the beach....it really is just so gorgeous there & then Belinda & I took off for Kaikoura.

It was fun to have Belinda in the car with me!  We listened to music, chatted, etc....you know, all the stuff you do in a car on a road trip.  Something I haven't been able to do this whole time because I've been on my own.

Me & Joy & our yummy dessert. Good thing Larry didn't want any because there wasn't a lot to go around! :)
  It was a  refreshing change - we had a lot of fun on our beautiful drive to Kaikoura!

Definitely another BRIAZZ day for me. :)  As we were driving to Kaikoura, AJ SMSed us and said he booked us on a whale watching trip the next day (so nice!), then when we pulled into Kaikoura - we drove into the hostel we wanted to stay at & she was SO nice - she gave us a dorm room with six beds....just for the three of us.  (And oh, by the way, AJ is a friend of Belinda's from Sumner...happens to be an American who is working over here for a year - I'm so jealous!).  ANYWAY, so we were all booked into the Lazy Shag - yes, that's what it was called.  And then, I called Joy & Larry Oakly.  They were the couple I stayed with in Elaine Bay & in Nelson (Brett Lamb's aunt).

A closer shot of our yummy dessert!
  They were in Kaikoura for the evening & we were going to have dinner.

So, Belinda & I went over to meet Joy & Larry (AJ was still on his way here) & when we met them in their hotel they had just been given a CRAYFISH!  Belinda & I had been talking about how we wanted to try one here (it's lobster - they call it crayfish) but that it was probably going to be too expensive for us.  And there we were - with Joy & Larry - eating crayfish.  So perfect!  :)

Belinda left to meet up with AJ & I went to dinner with Larry and Joy.  It was SO great to see them again!  I'm really happy I got to hang out with them again before I left NZ.  And I was just realizing also - that I was originally supposed to leave TOMORROW.  So glad I changed my flight because if I hadn't, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to see them again!  So good.

After dinner, I met up with Belinda & AJ at the Strawberry Tree.  I was fading fast so it was an early night for me....but overall, such a fun day!  We are supposed to go whale watching tomorrow, but the forecast isn't lookign that great....fingers crossed that it will be okay!  :)

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Larry & a crayfish!
Larry & a crayfish!
Me & Joy & our yummy dessert.  Goo…
Me & Joy & our yummy dessert. Go…
A closer shot of our yummy dessert!
A closer shot of our yummy dessert!
Great little cafe in Sumner.
Great little cafe in Sumner.
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Me & Belinda in our awesome teva …
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Joy, me & Larry - so great to mee…
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